Write a report on the situation of the mayans in guatemala

The greatest of these, Tikal, attracts thousands of visitors every year, but there are hundreds of other archaeological sites that scientists have not even begun to study. Guatemala City itself is built on the ruins of an impressive Maya city known as Kaminaljuyu. Maya culture permeates contemporary Guatemala, where two dozen Maya languages are spoken by more than 4 million people. Native traditions, such as agriculture, weaving and the count of days in the Maya calendar, have survived the influence of Spanish culture, missionaries, radio, television, and, most recently, globalization and the Internet.

Write a report on the situation of the mayans in guatemala

Guatemala is facing unique challenges in Latin America. Along with El Salvador and Honduras, Guatemala is one of the most dangerous countries in the world outside of active war zones, and thousands of Guatemalans find it better to flee to the United States illegally.

write a report on the situation of the mayans in guatemala

For a population already vulnerable, natural disasters have been devastating. Tropical Storm Agatha left Guatemala on May 30leaving people dead, missing, and overaffected by the destruction of their homes, crops or livelihoods. One month later, Tropical Storm Alex added two more to the death toll and 2, to the number of material victims.

Families are still struggling to recover from the impact. These communities are primarily indigenous, and face their own unique challenges in addition to the country's challenges as a whole. Most families can't afford the tuition for an education, and young people are expected to support the family after the sixth grade.

This situation is even more extreme among the indigenous population with This is the fourth highest rate in the world. The fertility rate 4. At the current annual growth rate of 2. Indigenous people suffer from discrimination in terms of employment and income, making on average about half of what non-indigenous workers earn.In Guatemala, there are some sites with unmistakable Olmec style, such as Tak'alik A´baj, in Retalhuleu, which is the only ancient city in the Americas with Olmec and Mayan features.

Dr. Richard Hansen, the director of the archaeological project of the Mirador Basin in Northern Peten, believes the Maya at that location developed the first true Location: W Spruce St, Ste 1, Missoula, MT, Mar 27,  · Best Answer: The situation among the indigenous Maya in Guatemala was not affected by the "peace accords" at all.

The 1% of Guatemalans who own 70% of the country continue to steal whatever they can. The indigenous people don't have enough land left to feed themselves.

They have to buy corn on the world market at inflated urbanagricultureinitiative.com: Resolved. In Guatemala, matters such as developing standardized orthographies for the Mayan languages are governed by the Academia de Lenguas Mayas de Guatemala (ALMG; Guatemalan Academy of Mayan Languages), which was founded by Maya organisations in Present day Mayans exploit the strong woods from the forest for their furniture and use many of the flowers and leaves for medicinal purposes.

is contained by the Maya Biosphere Reserve which is a natural conservation project to protect and study land in the Mayan parts of Guatemala, “Special Report. GUATEMALA: Heart of the Mayan World by William Latham. Ruins, Tikal Nat'l Park Photo: José Carlos Flores: Guatemala's Maya people share a number of other cultural traits.

One of the most remarkable of these is the faithful count of days according to the Maya calendar.

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For the Maya, their calendar was, and still is, inseparable from daily. Soon after the film’s premier one of the most important newspapers in Guatemala published an article entitled, Ixcanul is a Slap on Guatemala’s Face.

The journalist wrote about the country’s.

The Mayan Civilization - Present and Past