What types of physical benefits can

Written by Arlene Semeco, MS, RD on February 10, Exercise is defined as any movement that makes your muscles work and requires your body to burn calories. There are many types of physical activity, including swimming, running, jogging, walking and dancing, to name a few.

What types of physical benefits can

A customized physical therapy program can help individuals return to their prior level of functioning, and encourage activities and lifestyle changes that can help prevent further injury and improve overall health and well being.

Primary care doctors often refer patients to physical therapy at the first sign of a problem, since it is considered a conservative approach to managing problems.

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Wondering what makes physical therapy so important? In honor of Physical Therapy month in October, here are 10 ways it may benefit you: Reduce or eliminate pain.

Therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilization or treatments such as ultrasound, taping or electrical stimulation can help relieve pain and restore muscle and joint function to reduce pain.

Such therapies can also prevent pain from returning. If physical therapy helps you eliminate pain or heal from an injury, surgery may not be needed. And even if surgery is required, you may benefit from pre-surgery physical therapy. If you are going into a surgery stronger and in better shape, you will recover faster afterwards in many cases.

Also, by avoiding surgery, health care costs are reduced. Stretching and strengthening exercises help restore your ability to move.

What types of physical benefits can

Physical therapists can properly fit individuals with a cane, crutches or any other assistive device, or assess for orthotic prescription. Recover from a stroke. Physical therapy helps strengthen weakened parts of the body and improve gait and balance.

Recover from or prevent a sports injury. Physical therapists understand how different sports can increase your risk for specific types of injuries such as stress fractures for distance runners. They can design appropriate recovery or prevention exercise programs for you to ensure a safe return to your sport.

Improve your balance and prevent falls.

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When you begin physical therapy, you will get screened for fall risk. Therapists also help you with exercises to improve coordination and assistive devices to help with safer walking.

Manage diabetes and vascular conditions. As part of an overall diabetes management plan, exercise can help effectively control blood sugar. Additionally, people with diabetes may have problems with sensation in their feet and legs.

Physical therapists can help provide and educate these patients on proper foot care to prevent further problems down the road. As individuals age, they may develop arthritis or osteoporosis or need a joint replacement. Physical therapists are experts in helping patients recover from joint replacement, and manage arthritic or osteoporotic conditions conservatively.

Manage heart and lung disease.

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While patients may complete cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack or procedure, you also may receive physical therapy if your daily functioning is affected. For pulmonary problems, physical therapy can improve quality of life through strengthening, conditioning and breathing exercises, and help patients clear fluid in the lungs.

Women have specific health concerns, such as with pregnancy and post-partum care. Additionally, PT can provide specialized treatment for: Bowel incontinence, breast cancer, constipation, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, male pelvic health, pelvic pain, and urinary incontinence.Mar 08,  · A healthcare provider or physical therapist can advise individuals about the benefits specific to their personal medical history and their need for treatment.

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Types. Aside from the physical benefits, one of the best benefits of yoga is how it helps a person manage stress, which is known to have devastating effects on the body and mind.

“Stress can reveal itself in many ways, including back or neck pain, sleeping problems, headaches, drug abuse, and an . People of all ages get physical therapy. It can treat a variety of health problems. They’re also trained to do many types of physical treatments.

What types of physical benefits can

Benefits of Probiotics;. Physical therapists understand how different sports can increase your risk for specific types of injuries (such as stress fractures for distance runners). They can design appropriate recovery or prevention exercise programs for you to ensure a safe return to your sport.

There are some types of employee benefits that are mandated by law, including minimum wage, overtime, leave under the Family Medical Leave Act, unemployment, and workers compensation and disability. also known as “benefits in kind” can include bonuses, profit sharing, medical, disability, and life insurance, paid vacations, free meals.

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Now that you know the types of physical activity for health benefits, it's time to get active. Use the recommendations as a guide to help you in your journey of health and fitness. Everyone can enjoy physical activity. Benefits of aerobic exercise. The main benefits you can get with the practice of aerobic exercise are: Can lose weight by reducing body fat. As explained above, aerobic exercise uses fat as the main energy source, so it is the most beneficial type of exercise for people with obesity or overweight. Exercise and physical activity fall into four basic categories—endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Most people tend to focus on one activity or type of exercise and think they’re doing enough. Each type is different, though. Doing them all will give you more benefits. Mixing it up.

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