What is belonging

Early life[ edit ] Gardner was born near the farming community of Grabtown, North Carolina. While there are varying accounts of her background, Gardner's only documented ancestry was English.

What is belonging

Balfour castle was built upon their ancient possessions, in the vale or strath of the Orr, a tributary of the Leven, near their confluence.

Many illustrious descendants with the surname of Balfour have been ennobled and three peerages, namely, the baronies of Burleigh and Kilwinning in Scotland, and of Balfour of Clonawley in Ireland.

What is belonging

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, there were a greater number of heritors in Fife named Balfour than of any other surname.

A glance at the fife telephone directory shows only 15 people with the name Balfour. The family of Balfour, contains no less than thirteen landed proprietors in that county of the name, viz.

Hist, of Fife, App. Torry and Boghall, Kinloch are also landed properties of the Balfours. In his Memoria Balfouriana, Sibbald says the family of Balfour is divided into several branches, of which those of Balgarvie, Mountwhanney, Denmylne, Ballovy, Carriston, and Kirkton are the principal.

Duncan died on the 14th Augustin a battle with Macbeth. It is likely that Siwarth and possibly his son were involved in helping MacDuff and Malcolm. Edgar Blinded his uncle eyes and left him to rot in prison.


The Isle of May was in the possession of the Balfours of Monquhanny for many generations and its position guarding the entrance of the Firth of Forth probably suggested the family motto "Fordward" in Saxon "Forthward".

The otter's head has ever since appeared in the Arms of all Siwarth's legitimate descendants. The original coat of arms, was almost certainly adopted by Siwarth II.

What is belonging

When The Balfours of Denmylne sold their estate to Major General George Scott inthe Ilse of May may have also been sold at the same time as later inwhen Henrietta Scott, daughter, and wife of the Duke of Portland, sold Denmylne, she also sold the Isle of May about the same time.

Sir lngelramus de Balfour, may have been the father of Henry as there seems to be some confusion whether Sir lngelramus de Balfour was Michaels son. Sir William de Balfor. Received the Castle and the lower part of the Strath-Orr from his grandfather Octred and transmitted them to his son 1.

Sir John de Balfor of Balfour, Kt. Sir Michael de Balfor of Balfour, Kt. David de Balfour and Malcolm de Balfour were also present at the parliament held at Cambuskenneth, 6th Novemberas their seals are appended to the general sentence by that parliament of forfeiture of all the rebels. Sir Michael died inHis son John succeeded him.

He may have had another son Adam, who married the granddaughter of Macduff, brother of Colbane, earl of Fife, and obtained with her the lands of Pittencrieff.

He died of wounds received at the battle of Durhaminand was buried in Melrose abbey. His office reverted to the Crown, and his sister and heiress, Janet, as a ward of the Crown was given in marriage to Sir Robert de Betun. From them proprietors of Balfour are descended and several of the other Fife heritors of the name of Bethune, eg the Bethunes of Bandon, of Criech, of Tarvet, of Blebo, of Clatto, of Craigfudie, and of Kingask, were also descended from them.

Of the most remarkable personages belonging to the Bethunes of Balfour were James Bethune, archbishop of Glasgow and chancellor of Scotland; his nephew, Cardinal David Bethuneeducated at St Andrews and Glasgow universities.

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He negotiated both marriages of King James V - with the French court. He was effectively the last Archbishop of St. Andrews, appointed to this position in These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'belonging.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

Send us feedback. The present text is a sixteenth century English translation of the Key of Solomon, the most famous of Grimoires, or handbooks of magic.

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In producing his edition of the Key of Solomon, three manuscripts escaped S.L. Mathers' attention, or he chose to . Isis is the feminine archetype for creation; she is the goddess of fertility and motherhood. She has gone by many names and played many roles in history and mythology - as goddess and female creator.

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But as soon as you start to think about the shape and size of cranberries, it is not difficult to recognize their similarities with. A sense of belonging is the feeling of being connected and accepted within one’s family and community. It is important in healthy human development and combating behavior problems and depression.

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