The study of hostage drama in

The school, located next to the district police station, had around 60 teachers and more than students. However, several witnesses have since testified they were made to help their captors remove the weapons from the caches hidden in the school.

The study of hostage drama in

And our hero has to decide whether to be a hero, or do his job. Yoo-bum is happy to oblige and notes that the main character—a murderer—is a writer and professor just like Professor Moon.

Hong-joo was there with a camera crew to interview him about his plans to donate all the profits to scholarships for aspiring writers. In the middle of the party, the screen flashed a single line: Before Arm Sling could get any further though, security hauled him off the stage.

Professor Moon had smiled at the reporters and said that the student must be upset over some criticism on his dissertation, but Hong-joo was immediately wary. The study of hostage drama in that night, Professor Moon took his rage out on Arm Sling directly and beat him up, holding his literary career hostage.

Professor Moon began choking him against the elevator doors, and he used so much force that the doors rattled and shook open. The teaching assistant fell down the shaft landing on the elevator below, his head surrounded in blood.

The study of hostage drama in

The teaching assistant is brain-dead but technically still breathing. Yoo-bum adds that he could also get him a not-guilty verdict, and the professor brightens instantly. He makes the professor repeat after him to beg for his help, and when he does as ordered, Yoo-bum smirks, enjoying himself.

Hong-joo and Woo-tak arrive together to pick Jae-chan up from the hospital, and Jae-chan quietly notes that Hong-joo is still not wearing the ring he gave her.

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Jae-chan glowers and says to him in jondae: Pff, are you five? Everyone else cringes in embarrassment as Jae-chan demands a bigger reaction from the kid, and instead Brainy Smurf calmly advises him not to get the legal statutes wrong in the future. The kid makes a chic exit, leaving Jae-chan sputtering in his wake.

Seung-won has to hold his brother back before he embarrasses them further, and Jae-chan just whirls around and says that the kid reminds him of smart-mouthed Seung-won when he was little. Suddenly, Brainy Smurf collapses without warning, and they rush over to him in worry.

The doctor tells the father to prepare for the worst because the head injury from the fall was so severe, and Professor Moon actually smiles at the news. Both Hong-joo and Jae-chan try to find a way to make it happen anyway, but Seung-won is completely oblivious and shoots down every attempt, to the point that even Woo-tak is frustrated, hee.

Stop cockblocking your brother! Jae-chan happily follows, and even as they go inside, Seung-won sighs that his brother is being so oblivious right now.

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Aw, has Batman decided to be a wingman? Hong-joo, meanwhile, turns her room upside-down looking for the ring that she lost. She asks Hong-joo if her affection for Jae-chan has grown deeper after finding out that they met 13 years ago. Soon after, Prosecutor Sohn is told of the potential organ donor, and she gasps in relief.

Dad runs over to the prosecutor, Jae-chan, and asks in tears what kind of law is like this.


In another dream, Prosecutor Lee pleads with Jae-chan on his knees, wailing that seven people will die to catch one man. He asks what kind of justice that is, and Jae-chan sheds a tear. Jae-chan spots them together while hanging laundry in the yard, and sneaks over to eavesdrop on their conversation.For the first time in at least years, the US Cabinet has a Bible Study group.

What do they learn?


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A study of , rumours and false news stories spread on Twitter over a period of 11 years found that they travelled faster and reached more people than the truth. Researchers from the. Get the latest news, commentary, and video for political events, politics, and the government.

The FBI’s chief hostage negotiator recounts harrowing standoffs, including the Waco siege with David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, in a memoir that serves as a basis for the upcoming series Waco.

In Stalling for Time, the FBI’s chief hostage negotiator takes readers on a harrowing tour.

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