The centralia disaster

Successful Rescue Rescue workers kept digging in a gaseous, clogged-up passage feet underground. The picking and the toiling slow work in the thick of the lingering fumes, in about 20 hours had accounted for only nine survivors of the who were caught in the blast just a few minutes before quitting time. From the Bureau of Mines report by M.

The centralia disaster

It became a legacy that the members of our class would hear about throughout our days in school. On March 25, the Centralia No. Department of Labor reported the explosion was caused when an underburdened shot or blown-out shot ignited coal dust.

The mine was exceedingly dry and dusty. Heavy deposits of coal dust were present along the roadways and on the roof, ribs, and timbers in working places and entries. At the time of the explosion most of the men were at the man trips on the entries waiting for the shot firers to complete lighting the shots so they could ride to the shaft bottoms on the man trips.

The centralia disaster

At the time of the explosion men were in the mine. Of those, 65 were killed by burns and violence and 45 by afterdamp. Eight men were rescued but one died from the effects of afterdamp.

The Centralia High School basketball team became known as the "Orphans" in because upstate sports reporters thought them shabby upstarts to be competing at the state level.

However, the name became prophetic after the No.

The centralia disaster

The confusion, hope and then agony of loved ones waiting for word of rescue. He lost his father and three other relatives in a coal mine explosion that killed in this southern Illinois town in Niepoetter, a college student at the time, rushed home upon word of the explosion. Rescue workers would emerge from the mines, their faces sooty and grim.

Their faces," Niepoetter said. Thirty-one miners managed to survive. It was later discovered that an explosive charge meant to loosen coal in the mine ignited coal dust hanging in the air feet below ground.

At first, Niepoetter was hopeful, remembering that several years earlier his father had managed to dig his way out of a mine when its roof caved in.

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That hope faded as a searcher said he had found his own brother, dead with a lunch bucket under his arm. The man told Niepoetter that 15 or 20 other bodies were lined up below. More corpses were freed as the digging pressed on, some near notes the victims scribbled to loved ones in their final moments — something also found with some Sago miners.

O Lord help me," one of the Centralia miners wrote. Woody Guthrie later memorialized those notes in his song "Dying Miner.Mar 25,  · On this day in , a coal mine in Centralia, Ill., exploded, killing miners.

We take a look back at how the disaster affected the community. Made in U.S.A. - movie that was filmed on location in Centralia PA See the opening Scene that started in Centralia during the peek of .

Apr 06,  · The Centralia Mine Disaster provided the catalyst to force the government to act and the mining industry to acquiesce. The UMWA Welfare and Retirement Fund continues to this day.

Here's Woodie Guthrie's " Dying Miner Author: Illinois Mine War. Bill Niepoetter, 77, of Centralia, Ill., holds a St. Louis Post-Dispatch special section from April 30, , detailing the aftermath of an explosion that killed miners in this southern Illinois city on March 25, , at Niepoetter's home in Centralia, Ill., Thursday, Jan.

5, In the Centralia mine disaster on March 25, , the Centralia No. 5 coal mine exploded near the town of Centralia, Illinois, killing people. The Mine Safety and Health Administration of the United States Department of Labor reported the explosion was caused when an underburdened shot or blown-out shot ignited coal dust.

According to local legend, the Bast Colliery coal fire of , set alight by an explosion, was never fully extinguished. In , it reached the landfill area. Those who adhere to the Bast Theory believe that the dump fire is a separate fire unrelated to the Centralia mine fire.

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