Short term financial stress essay

Trying to juggle school and parenting? The current economic downturn is negatively impacting the majority of students in some way, adding to already existing stress and anxiety. Although stress can sometimes be helpful as it motivates the development of adaptive responses to threatening or anxiety-provoking situations, persistent and intense stress can reduce the ability to function effectively. This in turn can lead to a great deal of distress and angst.

Short term financial stress essay

The student may be pushed too hard by the parents to do well. The student may also be haunted by a future with no education and little financial support. A student, whether at a high school or college level, may begin to feel pressure by parents to do well.

Normally, the parents apply pressure upon the student in order to keep up with school and to not allow the student to fall behind. The parents do not want to see their child fail in the classroom and wind up being unsuccessful in the working world. However, a problem arises when the parents apply excessive pressure on the student.

A student can also be pressured into getting good grades when he looks into the future and becomes worried about having a job and being able to support himself. The idea of not having enough financial gain haunts the student to a point where he will force himself to do well in school and stress himself at the same time.

One of the immediate effects of a student feeling too much pressure to get good grades is a high stress level. Once the amount of school work builds to an excessive amount, the student will feel discouraged and overwhelmed by the prospect of having to finish a large amount of material in a short amount of time.

If the student becomes desperate, he may resort to cheating on assignments and tests. In an article by Claire Bessette for The Day newspaper, nearly thirty one percent of students who were surveyed stated that cheating on a test was not a bad thing to do.

The student may believe that he must do whatever it takes to do well in school, even if it means cheating on an assignment or test.

This type of behavior in the student is dangerous. In this case a student will be taking the class in the future to cheat as well.

Short term financial stress essay

If the student is caught cheating, he will mostly likely receive a failing grade on the assignment or test, which defeats the purpose of getting good grades. In order for the student to do well in school and have less anxiety, he must learn to plan on spreading out each assignment on separate days and avoid cramming all of his assignments in one day.

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Despite the short term negative effects of being pressured to get good grades, the student will benefit from the good grades in the long term. Graduating from high school with good marks allow for the student to have a greater amount of colleges from which to choose.

Once the student is accepted into college and earns good grades there, he can receive a degree and make finding a job an easier task.

Earning a degree can also mean more money for the student once he earns a job. Getting good grades in school can even have positive health effects on the student when he becomes older. When the student successfully manages the pressure of doing well in school, the benefits will come naturally.

Choose Type of service.For those persons in financial stress this service is sometime offered for free. The financial advisor would evaluate your monthly income and ask you a series of questions.

He or she may also set short term and long term goals for you.

Short term financial stress essay

Abortion Risks Significant risk factors (like breast cancer) have been associated with abortion. FINANCIAL STRESS 2 Extended Definition of Financial Stress Selye - 'the father of stress research,' developed the theory that stress is a major cause of disease because chronic stress causes long-term chemical changes.

The purpose of this essay is to discuss stress and the effects it can have on our behavioural responses. There are many specific basis of control when exploring career short term goals essay mba cloud - based continuous formative assessment cfa figure.

Long Term Vs Short Term Bias Name: Institution: Date of submission Long Term Vs Short Term Bias Companies that operate at the global level experience disadvantages emanating from the intense pressure on the management hence they need to give convincing reports quarterly and annually regarding their financial performance.

A Comparative Analysis of US Financial Stress Indicators by Nimantha P. Manamperi Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas some common financial variables like short term interest rates, equity market performances, Financial Stress Index (KCFSI), Chicago City Fed National Financial Conditions Index (NFCI).

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