Service quality perception at kfc pakistan

Being in a culture of Pakistan, KFC is concerned about the cultural shifts of the people. As being the market leader in the Fried chicken, KFC was the first, in making place in the market and attract people of local culture towards their different meals. But, at the moment, KFC has spotted the recent cultural shift, which is the people are most concerned about their health and fitness.

Service quality perception at kfc pakistan

KFC has a research and development department about particular problems. If they are going to open a new outlet in a new city. First of all they send their mobile container in that particular city and conduct the research practices and analyze the market.

They also conduct research practices for their target market. In which the most common are Aftab associates. Factors involved in research practices: There are following factors which are not ignorable by the research conductors 1 2 3 4 Purchasing Power of the people Household income Per capita income Competitors in the segment Current Research practices: They will examine their competitors in Sahiwal that is AFC basically and others are local brands that are not difficult to compete.

Although the market of Sahiwal is not very wide but they think that will successful in Sahiwal due to their differentiated products, taste and Service quality perception at kfc pakistan.

For this purpose KFC conducted the launching test of the product in the more attractive cities of the country. KFC has divided the market of Pakistan into distinct groups of customers with different demands, tastes and behavior who require separate products or marketing mix.

KFC In Pakistan the niche marketing is being used for particular classes of people. They have made segments of the market on the following bases. Following are the different possible segments in this regard.

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KFC is for each gender both male and female. Everyone can use the KFC service upper and middle class. Age limitation for using their products is above 7. By profession also everyone can use this product means businessmen, students, workers and other peoples.

It has no need more education that why the person who know something can easily enjoy with their products. KFC is suitable in every stage of life like single married couple and also those who have children can use this product.

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This product is used in every level of social class like upper, middle class. When the customers once buy this product after that they can use the product continuously. Often KFC changes the purchasing decision of customers because of its good attributes. KFC will be using differentiated market coverage strategy.

It means that different marketing mix will be used for different age groups. On the other hand people of urban areas take fast food.

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Population density is higher in Urban Areas as compared to Rural Areas, so the numbers of customers are more in Urban Areas. There are so many factors that are effect the sales of KFC. These includes over all world economic crises, terrorism, political instability of Pakistan, bird flu disease, etc.

There are following factors that can influence the sale as increase or decrease. Now in these days all global has economic crisis all round the world that has bad impact on the KFC sale.

It is a graph that shows the sale of KFC high point indicates the before Economic crisis and low point indicates the after Economic crisis. It is also a great danger for the KFC because they are chicken specialist in the world and perfect in taste.

Service quality perception at kfc pakistan

The demand of the chicken decreases the sale of the KFC also decreases in the business process.Uppsala University Department of Business Studies Master Thesis Spring Semester, Cultural adaptation pattern analysis of McDonald’s and KFC. Brands, Inc., however in the case of Pakistan KFC build the relation of Quality Service and cleanliness for Customer KFC was acquired by PepsiCo in , it had grown to approximately 6, units in 55 countries and territories.

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Source: WEF Global Competitiveness Report. It is an individual report outlining a suggested marketing strategy, focusing in detail on one of the target markets, for the future marketi.

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