Reflective paper on event management

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Reflective paper on event management

What did you do yourself? What did other people do? What was the result of these actions? It should be noted that important details must not be left out. For instance, why other people were involved in the situation in question.

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All information that is key to better understanding the situation is relevant. The intention is not to discuss the feeling in detail or comment on it directly. Awareness is the most important goal of this phase.

Helpful questions that are often used: What did you feel leading up to the event? What did you feel during the event? What did you feel after the event?

How do you look back on the situation? What do you think other people felt during event? How do you think others feel about the event now?


This also demonstrates that the Gibbs Reflective Cycle can be used in an individual setting, or even in a coaching or counselling setting.

Evaluation In this step, you ask yourself whether the experience of the event in step 1 was good or bad. Which approach worked well and in what way? It can be difficult for people to be objective about the situation. In order to still conduct a proper evaluation, the following questions may be helpful: What went well during the event or activity?

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assessed. The fact that ten years of change-oriented research can fit these categories, without requiring a category addressing the individuals affected by the changes, is further evidence of a crucial missing link in our understanding.

Reflective Practice Service; Self Reflection on a Food Event.

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Reflective paper on event management
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