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Through Prezia web application, students create "zooming" presentations for various purposes, such as presenting research, defending an opinion, or sharing a digital story. To be a literate person one must acquire a variety of skills and competencies that include proficiency with technology. Additionally, it connects them to the world outside of the classroom. Voices from the Middle, 19 4pp.

Prezi material

Etymology[ edit ] The word "poison" was first used in to mean "a deadly potion or substance"; the Prezi material term comes from the " Old French poison, puison 12c. Using the word "poison" with plant names dates from the 18th century.

The term " poison ivy ", for example, was first used in and the term "poison oak" was Prezi material used in The term " poison gas " was first used in Paracelsus —the father of toxicologyonce wrote: Only the dose makes a thing not a poison " [7] see median lethal dose.

The term "poison" is also used in a figurative sense: The law defines "poison" more strictly. Substances not legally required to carry the label "poison" can also cause a medical condition of poisoning.

Some poisons are also toxins, which is any poison produced by animals, vegetables or bacterium, such as the bacterial proteins that cause tetanus and botulism. A distinction between the two terms is not always observed, even among scientists.

The derivative forms "toxic" and "poisonous" are synonymous. Animal poisons delivered subcutaneously e. In Prezi material usage, a poisonous organism is one that is harmful to consume, but a venomous organism uses venom to kill its prey or defend itself while still alive.

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A single organism can be both poisonous and venomous, but that is rare. Bacteria are for example a common adversary for Penicillium chrysogenum mold and humans, and since the mold's poison only targets bacteria humans may use it for getting rid of bacteria in their bodies.

Human antimicrobial peptides which are toxic to viruses, fungi, bacteria and cancerous cells are considered a part of the immune system. For an example, see nuclear poison. Environmentally hazardous substances are not necessarily poisons, and vice versa. For example, food-industry wastewater—which may contain potato juice or milk—can be hazardous to the ecosystems of streams and rivers by consuming oxygen and causing eutrophicationbut is nonhazardous to humans and not classified as a poison.

Biologically speaking, any substance, if given in large enough amounts, is poisonous and can cause death. For instance, several kilograms worth of water would constitute a lethal dose. Many substances used as medications—such as fentanyl —have an LD50 only one order of magnitude greater than the ED An alternative classification distinguishes between lethal substances that provide a therapeutic value and those that do not.

Poisoning Acute poisoning is exposure to a poison on one occasion or during a short period of time.

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Symptoms develop in close relation to the exposure. Absorption of a poison is necessary for systemic poisoning. In contrast, substances that destroy tissue but do not absorb, such as lyeare classified as corrosives rather than poisons.

Furthermore, many common household medications are not labeled with skull and crossbones, although they can cause severe illness or even death. In the medical sense, poisoning can be caused by less dangerous substances than those legally classified as a poison. Chronic poisoning is long-term repeated or continuous exposure to a poison where symptoms do not occur immediately or after each exposure.

The patient gradually becomes ill, or becomes ill after a long latent period. Chronic poisoning most commonly occurs following exposure to poisons that bioaccumulateor are biomagnifiedsuch as mercurygadoliniumand lead. Contact or absorption of poisons can cause rapid death or impairment.

Agents that act on the nervous system can paralyze in seconds or less, and include both biologically derived neurotoxins and so-called nerve gaseswhich may be synthesized for warfare or industry.

Inhaled or ingested cyanideused as a method of execution in gas chambersalmost instantly starves the body of energy by inhibiting the enzymes in mitochondria that make ATP. Intravenous injection of an unnaturally high concentration of potassium chloridesuch as in the execution of prisoners in parts of the United States, quickly stops the heart by eliminating the cell potential necessary for muscle contraction.


Most biocides, including pesticidesare created to act as poisons to target organisms, although acute or less observable chronic poisoning can also occur in non-target organisms secondary poisoningincluding the humans who apply the biocides and other beneficial organisms.Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

Interest Groups. Which candidates is the computer industry giving to? What are the patterns in tobacco contributions over the past 10 years? Where is the political money coming from within the . Objectives: Given the materials of both a computer and the Prezi application, students will create their own stories (fiction or non-fiction), and then bring their stories to life using Prezi, to .

At 18, Natalie Warne's work with the Invisible Children movement made her a hero for young activists. She uses her inspiring story to remind us that no one is too young to change the world. The Official Prezi Experts.

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Prezi material

For over 7 years we have been % focused on helping our clients stand out and have impact when presenting with Prezi. Through Prezi, a web application, students create "zooming" presentations for various purposes, such as presenting research, defending an opinion, or sharing a digital story.

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