Police report virginia v moore cja 304

It is the product of almost two decades of research and includes analyses, chronologies, historical documents, and interviews from the apartheid and post-apartheid eras. The security forces used both overt and clandestine methods to suppress resistance and counter armed actions by opponents of apartheid. Overt methods included bannings and banishment, detention without trial, judicial executions and public order policing.

Police report virginia v moore cja 304

Constitution's Fourth Amendment usually requires a warrant for every search. No warrant is needed, however, if the search follows a constitutional arrest.

If police reasonably suspect a misdemeanor Police report virginia v moore cja 304 state law, arrest the suspect, and search him without a warrant, does the search violate the U. Constitution when state law prohibits the arrest? CommonwealthS.

Karpowski happened to know that a man nicknamed "Chubs" had a suspended driver's license, and he radioed the officers to inform them.

Coincidentally, though, Moore was driving on a suspended license-a Class 1 misdemeanor under Virginia law. The officers arrested Moore for driving on a suspended license and searched him as a follow-up to the arrest.

Brief for Petitioner at 5. On trial for dealing drugs, Moore moved to suppress the evidence on statutory and Fourth Amendment grounds, arguing that the arrest was illegal and that the court should suppress any evidence from the search incident to that arrest.

Brief for Petitioner at Moore claimed the arrest was illegal because, exceptional circumstances aside, Virginia law prohibits arrests for driving on a suspended license, instead requiring officers to issue a summons and release the suspect.

Citing the Supreme Court case Atwater v. Lago Vistathe trial court denied Moore's motion, holding that since there was probable cause to arrest, both the arrest and search were constitutional.

Without a constitutional violation, Virginia law does not permit suppression of evidence. The court convicted Moore of possessing cocaine with intent to distribute and sentenced him to five years in prison with one year and six months suspended. Moore appealed to the Virginia Court of Appeals and a divided three-judge panel reversed the conviction.

Brief for Petitioner at 6. The panel noted that under Virginia law, the officers should have issued a summons instead of making an arrest.

Police report virginia v moore cja 304

Citing another Supreme Court case, Knowles v. Iowathe panel held that since the search was incidental to the improper arrest, the search was unconstitutional. Virginia petitioned for a rehearing en bancwhich the Court of Appeals granted.

The court then reinstated the conviction, reasoning that the violation of a state statute does not warrant excluding evidence under the Fourth Amendment. Moore appealed, and the Supreme Court of Virginia reversed the conviction once again, holding that if state law prohibits an arrest, a warrantless search incident to that arrest violates the U.

Virginia appealed to the U. Supreme Courtwhich granted certiorari on September 25, Supreme Court Order List: Detectives arrested and searched David Lee Moore for a violation of Virginia law, though state law only allowed the detectives to issue a summons rather than perform an arrest.

The search revealed money and cocaine, which Moore moved to suppress at trial. Moore argued that the search was incident to an unlawful arrest and was thus unconstitutional under the Fourth Amendmentand the Supreme Court of Virginia agreed.

The state of Virginia has appealled to the U. Virginia argues that the purpose of the Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule is to deter unreasonable searches and seizures, not violations of state law.

Brief for Petitioner at It further asserts that the search of Moore was reasonable because it was incident to an arrest based on probable cause that he committed a crime. Moore, however, argues that the search was unreasonable because it would have been unconstitutional had the detectives not illegally arrested him.

See Brief for Respondent at He asserts that if state lawmakers deem a violation too minor to justify an arrest, there is insufficient governmental interest to justify the intrusion of a search on individual liberty and privacy.

Some fear that the outcome of this case could lead to a decrease in civil liberty protection.

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A decision for Virginia may encourage officers to violate civil liberties to obtain evidence.Since Virginia police had a duty to issue a summons-but instead singled out a suspect for automatic arrest-the arrest was a case of unreasonable discrimination forbidden by the Fourth Amendment.

Id. For Moore, the Fourth Amendment is not just a basic guarantee of minimal rights. David McGuire, lo meet at these headuuarters on Monday, Nf.v. 21, at P.M The commis- fioiei officers of conipanies A and B will report to tlie tKuird on the above date, with such evidence.

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