My pen is my weapon essay writer

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My pen is my weapon essay writer

My first thought was not about the excruciating pain I was in. Nor was it about the pizza that was lying next to me, upside down and probably oozing cheese everywhere. I cannot lose my ability to read or write. No listening to music except for soothing meditation music with no beat and no excitement.

No television or movies. No figuring things out. No cooking unless it was something insultingly easy, like heating up soup from a can. And finally — no reading, and no writing.

The thing I had dreaded was suddenly a reality, and I realized that if I wanted any chance of returning to my state of near-constant mental processing and multitasking, I had to take these instructions very seriously.

After all, I make my living as a writer and an editor. My ability to write well is, without question, what I am proudest of. What would it mean for my identity? With a quiet house and only my rattled, loopy brain to keep me company, I came face to face with awful thoughts about myself — ones I had previously been able to keep at bay thanks to Netflix binges or happy hours.

my pen is my weapon essay writer

This darkness I was facing started to feel like another person in the room whose sole purpose was to remind me of all the ways I was failing. Now that I was expressly prohibited to read or write, I realized how much I missed it, and grew painfully aware of how short I had fallen of my own expectations.

You take all your writing friends for granted. You could only write your MFA thesis because you had someone breathing down your neck the whole time.

All you do is talk about your relationship with your father. You waste all this time watching movies and screwing around. I started to find myself stuck in a negativity loop all day long. The only weapon that could defeat my darkness was something the Buddhists call maitri — loving kindness towards oneself.

And it became clear as the week wore on that I was in desperately short supply. I wish that I could say that before I recovered from my concussion, I was able to tap into this well of kindness and silence the dark other-person who was hell-bent on convincing me to give up writing for good.

Peace only came when I was finally able to read half a page in a book, and I cried from happiness. It came when I slowly wrote down a list of all the things I wanted to do once I was better, and then called my mother and breathlessly read it to her like a manifesto.

Once I was able to process language again without severe headaches, and an unpleasant fuzzy sensation that made my eyes heavy and my reflexes molasses-slow, the darkness got lighter. Slowly but surely, I was useful again.

I was thinking again. I was myself again. Having a full and meaningful writing life — and being proud of my identity as a writer — does mean sacrificing time and energy for my writing partners, so I can give them thoughtful feedback, and so I can reasonably expect the same from them when I need it.responses to “How to Use Real People in Your Writing Without Ending Up in Court”.

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