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EIFS is different than traditional hard coat stucco. EIFS utilizes a thick insulation board installed on top of your substrate plywood, OSB, or gyprock wall sheathing before the surface finish is applied.

Most problems are a result of moisture getting behind or trapped Imasco ltd the EIFS. Eventually, with enough moisture you can experience thousands of dollars in dry or wet-rot and structural damage.

My company only does the inspection and repair recommendation portion of the process. Please contact us for your specific pricing.

NAHB believes that homes with barrier EIFS can develop moisture intrusion problems even when properly constructed according to industry standards. Also, home owners who do not diligently ensure that all openings in the house remain properly sealed and caulked over the life of the structure may be more likely to encounter water intrusion problems than with other types of cladding systems.

NAHB agrees with liability insurance carriers, relocation services, mortgage lenders, building code officials in North Carolina and Georgia, and others who say that barrier EIFS systems make homes more susceptible to moisture intrusion problems.

Some builders Imasco ltd have excellent records for quality in construction when building homes with other cladding systems have experienced problems with homes they built with barrier EIFS. There are two types of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, or synthetic stucco, in use.

It is for this reason that "drainable" EIFS systems are now being marketed. These new systems attempt to correct the drainage problems by providing a way for intruding water to escape.

However, test results on the long-term effectiveness of these new systems are not yet available, and it remains to be seen whether the drainable systems are less problematic than barrier EIFS. Water damage to homes with barrier EIFS has resulted in numerous lawsuits, including a pending class action suit in North Carolina.

The EIFS industry has blamed the problem on inadequate installation by builders. However, NAHB believes that these accusations are distracting attention from a more important issue: All exterior finishes — vinyl, wood siding, brick, etc.

However, these cladding systems allow the moisture to escape, unlike barrier EIFS systems, which trap the moisture — a point that some EIFS manufacturers ignore when claiming that the EIFS products are not the source of the moisture entry.

IMASCO LIMITED - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, . The original Lum’s was a hot dog stand which opened in Miami Beach, Florida, in The chain eventually expanded into a family-style restaurant, but their signature menu item remained their. What is EIFS (synthetic stucco) EIFS is the acronym for Exterior Insulation and Finish is different than traditional hard coat stucco. EIFS utilizes a thick insulation board installed on top of your substrate plywood, OSB, or gyprock wall sheathing before the surface finish is applied.

Barrier EIFS were originally designed for masonry construction and typically used in the commercial sector. Integration of building components tended to be oriented toward commercial construction.

Determining the scope of the problem is difficult, because the damage usually occurs between the interior and exterior walls, which cannot be visually inspected.

Although NAHB does not have an estimate of the number of EIFS homes with moisture intrusion problems, the problem is believed to be national in scope and not confined to states in the Southeast. During the past two years, NAHB has been working with consumers, manufacturers, insurers and other interested parties to try to negotiate a settlement so that most of the monies expended would be devoted to fixing houses for home owners rather than paying legal fees.

These methods are currently being field tested and are expected to be available in the marketplace some time next year.


Contact Barry to discuss your Complete Professional Inspection needs. How to identify real stucco from EIFS synthetic stucco EIFS synthetic stucco siding usually consists of an insulating Styrofoam panel affixed to wall sheathing, then covered with reinforcing mesh, followed by a base coat and finally, a finish coat.

The layers are usually secured to plywood, OSB board, gypsum board, or other substrate using an adhesive. The material is relatively light and sounds hollow when tapped.

The problem with synthetic stucco is that not only does it keep water out, any moisture that does find its way past the protective barrier through broken caulk joints, penetrations for electrical or plumbing, or improperly sealed windows as examples, becomes completely entrapped with no means of escape and this retards the ability of the wall to breath.

Testing is time intensive and requires an extensive knowledge of residential construction. Well trained EIFS inspectors tend to be expensive because they must follow a strict test protocol and there is no way to determine beforehand how much time will be required to complete the assignment.

Multiple stories, an abundance of windows, complex structural details, and significantly "wet" walls require a considerable time to test.

Imasco ltd

Testing Methods Initially, a non-invasive scanner is used identify potential areas of moisture and isolate which areas should be probed. The scanner will [1] significantly reduce the number of probes needed and, [2] identify more troubled areas than the probe alone.

Scanning devices do not read the exact moisture content of the wall; this is usually done by inserting probes into the exterior wall which then measure electrical conductivity. A more invasive test is to cut a test section out of the side of the building and carefully inspect sheathing and support walls.

But it does not provide specific moisture content information and can be prone to "false positives". The scanner will sometimes register what it thinks is moisture but turns out to be something else. For example, a house sheathed in foil-backed foam might read as moisture to the scanner.

Further, the device is not intrusive therefore, an inspector must make penetrations where the Tramex indicates measurable moisture. This tool has reduced testing costs and increased the accuracy of tests considerably but its usefulness is limited since it does not detect the actual level of moisture as a percentage of material content.

The meter has a digital readout and three scales: It uses insulated contact pins to penetrate the cladding and determine the condition of the sheathing. After testing, the holes are sealed with caulk matched to the exterior color of the EIFS cladding.IMASCO LIMITED - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, .

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