How to color tissue paper

Stirring the food coloring into the water Colored water traveling up the paper towels Almost there! Blue and Yellow mixing to make Green! They will continue to mix until all of the cups have equal water levels.

How to color tissue paper

It just has a few more steps.


Start with your two sheets of tissue paper, folded in half. Fold the paper in half again. Find the corner of your rectangle that has all of the separate corners of paper not one with a fold. Take that corner and bring it across to form a triangle. Trim off the excess paper to create a right triangle.

Find the edge with the fold and cut, so that all eight pieces of tissue paper are separate. Do this to all three colors. You will have eight squares each of red, yellow, and green. For my original tissue paper flower tutorial, I used all eight layers for each flower. For this flower, I used four sheets of red, two of yellow, and two of green.

Stack the tissue paper in this order: Fold the paper, accordion style. I usually get seven or so folds.

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Re-accordion each layer, and cut the ends, creating different shapes. Cut triangles for the leaves, round for the petals, and fringe for the center.

How to color tissue paper

Open the layers back up and re-stack them in their original order. Pinch the accordion and staple in the middle. Be careful, because the tissue paper can rip easily.

Grip the paper toward the inside of the flower, instead of the edges, to help minimize tearing. Repeat on the other side, and voila! You have a tri-color fancy-schmancy flower.

Not sure I would have made of these for my wedding. Though it would have been gorgeous had I done it!Oct 22,  · Automatic Paper napkin machine with multi Color printing, for further details please visit our website: Once upon a time, Jord made this amazing wall of paper flowers out of crepe paper (the tutorial for making the paper flowers is here).Even though large sheets and rolls of crepe paper is easy to come by internationally, it is much less common in the States.

Step 3: Apply color with tissue paper Rub your tissue-covered finger over the color you want to use. A circular pattern is best for this because it picks up the most color over the largest area of your fingertip.

Coloring tissue paper can be a fun craft for both children and adults. Colored tissue paper can be used to wrap presents or to adorn scrapbook pages. The tissue paper can even be tie dyed and framed for hanging in a bedroom. I was inspired to make this Tissue Paper Flower Art Activity by some dot art books we you are unfamiliar with dot art, it is where kids use dabbers that look like bingo markers to make art.

You can find dot art books around that have pictures with dots inside for kids to decorate with the dabbers. I thought about how it might be fun to decorate the dots with scrunched up tissue paper. Tie-dye paper was one of the first crazy-idea-craft-projects Alison and I ever did together.

Discount Shopping Bags - Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Go to cart page. May 05,  · How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers. In this Article: Article Summary Making a Tissue Paper Dahlia Crafting a Tissue Paper Rose Making Tissue Paper Hydrangeas Community Q&A Tissue paper flowers make great decorations and party décor. They’re eye-catching and colorful as well as inexpensive and easy to make. SVG Files + Clip Art. Tri-Color Tissue Paper Flowers. This post and the photos within it may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I .

You can read about our mishaps and crafty shenanigans from that day here. We learned a lot from that day back in and have been making tie-dye paper ever since.

DIY: Tie-Dye Tissue Paper