Greyhound bus company

How Greyhound Lines re-engineered itself right into a deep hole. Wall Street Journal October

Greyhound bus company

An Eastern Greyhound Lines coach depicted at a stop in Ohio, c. Inhe moved to the United States where he worked as a drill operator at a mine in Alice, Minnesotauntil he was laid off in That same year, he became a Hupmobile salesman in HibbingMinnesota.

The reflection reminded him of a greyhound dog, and he adopted that name for that segment of the Blue Goose Lines. The Greyhound name became popular and later applied to the entire bus network.

As president of the company, Wickman continued to expand it so that byhis buses were making transcontinental trips from California to New Greyhound bus company.

Greyhound bus company

Recognizing the need for a more memorable name, the partners of the Motor Transit Company changed its name to The Greyhound Corporation after the "Greyhound" marketing phrase used by earlier bus lines. As the s progressed and the economy improved, the Greyhound Corporation began to prosper again.

Inintercity bus lines of which Greyhound was the largest carried approximately , passengers—nearly as many passengers as the Class I railroads. The film It Happened One Night — about an heiress Claudette Colbert traveling by Greyhound bus with a reporter Clark Gable [13] — is credited by the company for spurring bus travel nationwide.

Inalready the largest bus carrier in the United States, Greyhound began taking delivery of new buses. To unify its brand image, it procured both buses Greyhound bus company bus stations in the late Art Deco style known as Streamline Moderne [17] starting in Arrasmith and George D.

Greyhound bought a total of 1, buses between and In Loewy had produced drawings for the GM GX-1, a full double-decker parlor bus with the first prototype built in The front of the bus was distinctly lower than its rear section. Virginiathe U. Supreme Court found that an African American had been wrongly convicted of trespassing in a "whites only" terminal area.

Greyhound bus company

Sources disagree, but either an exploding fuel tank [34] or an undercover state investigator brandishing a revolver [36] caused the mob to retreat.

When the riders escaped the bus, the mob beat them, while warning shots fired into the air by highway patrolmen prevented them from being lynched. Indeed, Greyhound had entered a time of great change, even beginning to hire African American and female drivers in the late seventies.

For decades it was a popular choice for tourists on a budget who wanted to wander across the cities and towns of America.

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Spin-off, merger, and first bankruptcy[ edit ] By the time contract negotiations with the Amalgamated Transit Union ATU were due again at the end ofthe bus line was in the process of being sold to Dallas-based investors. By earlyGreyhound Lines had returned to being a stand-alone bus transportation company.

Greyhound was required by the ICCin their action approving the merger, to maintain coordinated schedules with other scheduled service operators in the U. One striker in California was killed by a Greyhound bus driven by a strikebreaker, [55] and a shot was fired at a Greyhound bus.

While the National Labor Relations Board NLRB had awarded damages for unfair labor practices to the strikers, this liability was discharged during bankruptcy reorganization.

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The company purchased Carolina Trailways in[63] followed by the intercity operations of Southeastern Trailways in After this bankruptcy filing, Greyhound dropped low-demand rural stops and started concentrating on dense, inter-metropolitan routes. It cut nearly 37 percent of its network.

The deal closed on September 30, [76] and the acquisition was completed on October 1, As the older buses were repainted, they were also refurbished, receiving wireless Internet access, power outlets, and new leather seating with increased legroom.

In periods of high demand, Greyhound added additional "sections" busesbut the threshold required to trigger an additional section varied, often leaving passengers behind to wait for the next bus departure. With the new system, Greyhound is now able to more closely manage the number of tickets sold for each departure and dynamically adjust pricing based on sales.

This came at the same time that competitor Megabus launched its third and fourth US hubs at Philadelphia and Washington D.

In so doing, Greyhound claimed to be the first American bus company to operate an intra-Mexican route. Greyhound Express[ edit ] Greyhound Express is a low-cost express city-to-city service that makes either fewer stops or no stops compared to a traditional route.

The service began on September 28,with several routes radiating from New York to major cities in the Northeastern United States [93] and rapidly expanded to serve destinations in the MidwesternSouthernand Southwestern United States.

Currently the Greyhound Express network has expanded to serve city pairs in nearly markets, with further expansion planned.

In many stations Greyhound Express customers can take advantage of dedicated waiting areas, separate from passengers traveling on other Greyhound services or other carriers. Some stations also board passengers onto Greyhound Express buses using numbers printed on tickets.

Greyhound Connect[ edit ] Greyhound Connect is a connector service that operates shorter routes to take passengers from stops in smaller, rural cities to stations in larger, urban cities.Disclaimer: All companies in the Trailways network are privately owned or independently operated.

The Trailways headquarters office does not own or operate the companies or the vehicles in the network but does help facilitate bus charter operations and ticketing operations. Greyhound Motors, later known as Bristol Greyhound, was an English bus and coach company based in Bristol.

Greyhound Lines, Inc., based in Dallas, became an independent corporation devoted entirely to intercity bus transportation. In Greyhound merged with the Canadian bus company Laidlaw, Inc., which was subsequently purchased in by the British transit operator FirstGroup PLC.

Greyhound makes last runs in Alberta; new bus companies aim to fill void

Greyhound Lines, Inc., usually shortened to Greyhound, is an intercity bus common carrier serving over 3, destinations across North America. The company's first route began in Hibbing, Minnesota in , and the company adopted the Greyhound name in Greyhound is an important bus company in United States, serving in several locations.

It operates vast bus routes connecting the main cities and locations in the country.


Greyhound offers a range of daily bus schedules to serve all passengers with excellence/5(K). Greyhound Bus Lines bus company occasionally airs television commercials starring a talking computer-generated Greyhound. The Who's non-album singles "Dogs" and "Dogs (Part II)" are humorous references to Greyhound racing and the .

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