Freelance science writers salary range

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Freelance science writers salary range

By Tami Kamin Meyer Posted on Tuesday, November 6, In the fall ofI was thrilled to be hired for a freelance writing opportunity that suited me perfectly. As a longtime practicing attorney and freelance writer, I relish writing posts where I can marry my passions of law and writing.

Not long into my tenure, I started noticing typographical and grammatical errors had been edited into my articles prior to publication.

For example, misplaced commas were inserted in my copy, transforming an otherwise well-structured sentence into a stilted, sometimes convoluted mess.

When I was younger and less experienced, I sometimes reddened when editors red-lined dating myself here content that called for improvement.

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Fortunately, I am no longer so wedded to my words. As time went on, I continued to notice odd insertions in my articles. Oftentimes, my polite inquiries to my editor were ignored. It is my name on that byline and I was determined to get those errors corrected quickly.

freelance science writers salary range

Eventually I found the right person to make the fixes, no questions asked. That person was in IT, however.


It quickly became apparent I was not only going to have to read my articles immediately upon being posting online, but I was going to have to ask the IT person to make corrections. The editor never once questioned me about it, although a few times I expressed frustration to her and our boss. As annoying as this became, I enjoyed the work so much that I decided to take the good with the bad.

At least I had found a way to minimize the damage. I was looking forward to the piece and soon as it was posted online, I clicked onto it. My heart palpitated, but not out of joy. Along with the usual inserted grammatical errors, it included facts that, due to my research, I believed to be untrue.

OK, wait a minute, I told myself. Because I was on Eastern Standard Time and my coworkers were in California, I figured they were still in the middle of their workday. For the time being, I gave her the benefit of the doubt that in an effort to strengthen my article, she inserted information pertinent to my piece that somehow, I had not found.

I could not, in good conscience, let that happen. I logged onto the company web site to contact the IT person to make the needed changes.Aug 20,  · Writer / Author Salary $51, Avg. Salary.

Show Hourly Rate. Average additional compensation for this job: The average salary for a Writer / . Working as a Medical Writer. she made contact with professional organizations like the National Association of Science Writers About a third of all medical writers freelance, the rest work.

BY ATHENA SCHULTZ The market for freelance copywriting is bigger than ever—and so is the potential to break in. Put your writing skills to work on the side, and you might just hit the jackpot.

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The Average Salary of a Freelance Writer by Gail Cohen - Updated September 26, Ask freelance writers in Chicago and Charlotte, N.C., to compare salaries and the only commonality you’ll find is the letter “C.” Lifestyle, cost-of-living, client access and competition from salaried writers and other freelancers impact the salaries of.

This cover letter is aimed at a recruited that can put into contact with various employers in your f. For science PIO jobs, salaries may range from $40, per year for entry-level science writers, to $, or more for directors of science communications offices at major institutions, such as research universities, foundations and national laboratories.

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