Exploring self

We will use two different yet complementary approaches, both of them rooted in our feet dancing and being supported by the 5Rhythms. Jonathan will lead us into aspects of the Mirrors Suite where we can gently peel off masks, shed skins and rediscover ourselves. Coming to recognize the roots and rituals of the crowd of characters that dominate our stage and regularly sabotage our funky, fiery, free-spirit we gain the ability to shake them free. Alain will facilitate the Perspectives Process, where we practice moving beyond just looking at one another to seeing the defenses that we all habitually, unconsciously present.

Exploring self

I'm more excouraged than ever that self-sovereign identity holds the key to Exploring self change in how we live our digital lives with security, privacy, and dignity. I'm just finishing up my travel to Switzerland and India to talk about self-sovereign identity.

The trip was amazing and full of interesting and important conversatons. The TechCrunch event in Zug was very good. I was skeptical of a one-day conference with so much happening in a short time, but thanks to great preparation by those running the show and all the participants, it exceeded my expectations in every way.

Samantha Rosestein was the moderator. But it was the conversations I had with people at the event that really made it interesting.

Self-sovereign identity is making noise. It was fun to meet with people who share my enthusiasm for identity. As you'd expect from the composition of the planning team, the inDITA event was an unconference.

There were about 70 people there and we had dozens of sessions. The first day, we ran out of space to hold them all!

I spoke about self-sovereign identity, using SSI for educational transcripts, and how identity intersects with the Internet of Things. Getting identity discussions happening around the world is important. By coincidence, Omidyar and the Indian School of Business sponsored an event on Aadhaarthe Indian universal identity system, the same week.

Aadhaar serves as a foundation for many other digital systems in India, including food ration distribution, healthcare, and finance.

Exploring self

While many panelists brought up concerns and shortcomings, they also highlighted how Aadhaar had positively impacted the lives of the Indian people.

Some of the concerns include privacy loss through account linking and exclusion because of system malfunctions or errors. The highlight of the week, for me, was the Aadhaar field trip that Omidyar organized for Doc, Joyce, and myself to a village outside Vijayawada near India's east coast.

We talked with fetilizer distribution agents, farmers, families receiving food distribution, people running the ditribution centers, an insurance office at a local hospital, and a bank officer. They all showed how Aadhaar was used in their respective areas.

Exploring Self-Sovereign Identity in India

We saw challenges, but also heard positive stories from people in trenches. I think there's plenty of opportunity for Aadhaar and SSI to co-exist. As I wrote in Multi-Source Identity: Your digital identity is made from credentials from multiple sources.

You might have a Sovrin-based relationship with your bank.

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They could provide a Sovrin credential stating you're a customer and maintain a certain balance. Similarly, you could have a relationship with your employer and an employer-issued credential stating you're an employee.

Exploring self

And you likely have a relationship with the state, and credentials they issue representing your birth certificate or drivers license. The list goes on. You could have hundreds of relationships and associated credentials in your wallet. You can use any of these, in multiple configurations, to prove things about yourself with minimal disclosure to any other party who accepts them.In this study, we examined (1) the relationship between self-talk and affect and (2) the nature of motivating self-talk.

Ninety high-school athletes completed the Affect Grid and the Self-Talk Grid before practice and competition. Significant positive second-order partial correlations of low to moderate strength offered support for a relationship between self-talk and affect.

Explore Self What are your interests, values, abilities, strengths, past experiences, and personality type? Through self-assessment you can better understand how . “Mapping the Journey” is like a typical holiday travel guide where recommended tours and trips are chosen and changed to fit the traveler’s needs and desires.

In order to allow this to happen, the guidebook is divided into 8 Mapping Guide 1: Exploring Self (Map 1) Perhaps go to Map 2 (Problems).

The aim of this volume is to discuss recent research into self-experience and its disorders, and to contribute to a better integration of the different empirical and conceptual perspectives.4/5(1). The Google "Koala" self-driving car. AP Photo/Tony Avelar It was barely two years ago that self-driving car companies were putting forth a Utopian vision of driverless cars whizzing through.

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