Experience is better than qualification

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Experience is better than qualification

Experience is far better than qualifications 10 Apr In most shorebased professions you find that people come out of university thinking they know everything and soon find they know nothing. Experience A journalist new to their job will write down a rigid interview and sometimes even argue with the interviewee to keep to their written questions.

An experienced journalist will write down a framework for the conversation and lead the conversation, Experience is better than qualification far more out of their interviewee than their younger colleague… Sailing and all water sports is just the same. Every year hundreds of youngsters do commercial yachting qualifications such as the intensive RYA Yachtmaster in order to sail on super yachts.

Ultimately they come out knowing that red means port and green starboard and perhaps how to draw some pretty trigonometric triangles on a chart but ultimately not a great deal about seamanship. While there are a lot of good crews on gin palaces it is a good idea to remember that the guy at the helm may have forgotten the Collision Regulations and hit you thinking that he was in the right.

Sailing qualifications in Europe European sailing qualifications are hugely varied. Some countries are extremely tough with it being legally required you have a minimum qualification to sail on their waters on a vessel of almost any size.

Spain, France and Italy are notable in this regard. You might not set foot on a boat again for a decade and still have that qualification that says you can load up a boat and sail to the Caribbean.

Experience vs learning In the UK you can in theory have no sailing qualification whatsoever, buy a boat and head to sea. He has yet to need to sail to the United States but does a fair bit of coastal sailing — that really is all he needs.

Experience is better than qualification

The writer got wet whenever he was near the water as a youngster and spent much of his formative years sailing dinghies, yachts, canoes… anything that floated. Short tacking involves tacking the boat until there is just enough way on it to get through the next tack, banging the helm over and repeating.

You will be making a Voyage Made Good VMG at less than half a knot and will irritate the hell out of motor vessels but getting to a place of safety is your prerogative.

The writer had a bit of a reputation locally for knowing how to sail a boat after that… Ultimately there was nothing in a book that taught the writer how to resolve that problem.

He combined his knowledge of sailing and used it for a creative solution. You have the minimum qualifications to skipper the vessel and we have agreed for you to go sailing on the Saronic Gulf, Aegean or Ionian seas.

You will have no problem with insurance, and all is good. Here are some questions you should be able to answer immediately: When you tack, what orders do you give and the crew have to do?

Someone has been hit around the head with the boom in a gybe and is lying unconscious on the deck. What do you do? Someone was taking a pee over the side at sea and a rogue wave sent them into the water.

What must you do to recover them? In gusts you come close to broaching a few times. What will you the skipper do? You are bow to bow and not overtaking.Work experience is more important than the qualification, do you agree? Yes I agree that,"Work experience is more important than qualification".

In an ideal world - Work experience would be the better option. Industry today is ever changing. Apr 24,  · Job Description and Qualification for Purchasing Manager.

manager will get the best deal for the company, meaning the highest quality goods and services at the lowest possible cost. In most professional arenas, experience should be emphasized because most candidates applying for specific professional positions will have similar academic qualifications.

Qualifications vs. experience: What to look for in a candidate By Robert Half 10 September For many employers, a job advertisement calling for highly skilled, tech-savvy candidates with stellar tertiary credentials to match would be the bare minimum for recruitment standards.

Experience Is Better Than Qualification 3. Qualifications should be given more importance than experience when recruiting staff. Agree or disagree? Recruiting the correct individual for the correct job position is a key factor influencing the productivity of the organization and its success.

Work Experience Vs. Education: Which Lands You The Best Job? can show that you have both education and experience which equip you to better perform in the job you want to get.

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