Essay on kundalini

The Number of Petals for each Chakra The relationship between the number of chakra petals and the human body is much more fundamental - physically concrete - than it is generally assumed to be. Often only a symbolic meaning is given to the petal counts, especially when discussed in relation to the Sanskrit characters that are traditionally assigned to the chakras and their petals.

Essay on kundalini

In that view this site is fully searchable. This mudra was and still are traditionally practiced by the original yogis.

In the natural form of the Kechari Mudra the soft palate spontaneously 'pulls in' or retracts in a physical manner for a short period of time from seconds to hours thereby making the space Sanskrit 'akasha' above the soft palate accessible to the tongue.

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When that happens, the tongue then tends to want to touch, vibrate or lightly massage the bottom of the bony support of the brain.

The resulting vibration, which also can be brought about although more lightly by snoring, humming, Tibetan chanting, singing, sounding the AUM mantra and sounds made during sexual intercourse can lead towards experience of: The application of Kechari Mudra as described in Hatha Yoga Pradipika chapter III, sloka 32 - 53 is an artificial but effective way to bring this about by gently and over time severing some tissue underneath the tongue in order to enable Essay on kundalini tongue to reach behind and above the soft palate and to bring about results that are nearly identical to the experience of amrita and rapture the experience of immortality and highly ecstatic states that come with the natural Kechari Mudra.

There are some challenges with the 'forced' Kechari Mudra: The natural Kechari Mudra is, if one can say so, unconditional, it flows from or goes hand-in-hand with unconditional love.

The forced version is more masturbative.

So far I know of four people, including myself, who have experienced the Kechari Mudra in this natural way. After Kechari Mudra experiences, which may happen just once or more often there is no great significance as to the quantity of occurrencesbliss eventually becomes irreversible, as a physical change is taking place in the integrated human being.

The nerves feel very vibrant and 'candy-taste' like. Sexual intercourse may be less sought after or, if one wants to maintain it, it will take on an enhanced functionality leading into the various different levels of samadhi with By the way, samadhi states can of course also be brought about by practicing advanced meditation, yoga and tantric techniques.

The Human Aura, the Kechari Mudra and the Uddiyana Bandha The aura the subtle energy field that surrounds the human body is very much affected by the effects Kechari Mudra, as 'blobs' so to speak of the auric energy field part themselves off like parts of a flame, similar to how flames can part themselves off from a burning fire and are emanated into subtle energetic realms of possibly higher dimensional extensions.

In myself this creates a sensation as though angelic or soul-like entities are produced.

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If that sounds far-fetched, just bear with me. Traditional Hatha Yoga literature all too often unfortunately poorly translated and understood I believe, describes this when it deals with the Uddiyana Bandha Hatha Yoga Pradipika chapter III, sloka In Tibet there were monasteries specializing in the 'creation of souls' through these techniques.

If I won't be ridiculed I will write more about this, but it is possibly a sensitive issue to some. It has to do with the conception of children, the embodied soul or 'en-souled body', the male and female role in the conception of a human being.

Kundalini Gateway: Member Essays: Kundalini, Evolution and Scientific Proof. by Tom Aston.

There is more to the sperm and the ovum than meets the eye!!!Kundalini: Awakening the Serpent Power by Georg Feuerstein Cleansing the Doors of Perception. The way we see the world depends on who we are.

Essay on kundalini

On the simplest level, a child walking down the street will readily spot all the toy stores, a penny-wise mother will see all the bargains displayed in shop windows, an architect will easily notice unusual buildings, and a taxi driver will be quick to.

Introduction to this Website. When I was teaching meditation and spirituality, I used to give a set of notes of my lecture to each of my students.

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PRAYER TO MOTHER KUNDALINI Wake up Mother Kundalini. Thou whose nature is Bliss Eternal—The Bliss of Brahman. Thou dwelling like a serpent asleep at the lotus of Muladhara, Sore, affected and distressed am I in body and mind, Do thou bless me and leave thy place at the basic lotus.

Consort of Siva the Self-caused [ ]. While Jung is known mainly for his theories on the nature of the unconscious mind, he did have an interest in the paranormal. In this essay, Jung applies his analytical skills to the UFO phenomenon. Kundalini, Kundalini Yoga Siddhi: An Essay on Yogic Power A short (and perhaps rather documentary) essay on the subject of Siddhi in the The Yoga-Sūtra of Patañjali written for an introductory course to the history and theory of yoga by Dr.

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