Dictators a threat especially in afghanistan essay

He was a serial killer who killed a number of American teenagers. The mothers of the victims screamed and hurled obscenities at him. Strangers unrelated to the victims will also hate you and hold you in contempt for what you have done.

Dictators a threat especially in afghanistan essay

Read a Country or a Territory Report by Arch Puddington and Tyler Roylance The world was battered in by overlapping crises that fueled xenophobic sentiment in democratic countries, undermined the economies of states dependent on the sale of natural resources, and led authoritarian regimes to crack down harder on dissent.

These unsettling developments contributed to the 10th consecutive year of decline in global freedom. The democracies of Europe and the United States struggled to cope with the Syrian civil war and other unresolved regional conflicts.

Dictators a threat especially in afghanistan essay

In addition to compounding the misery and driving up the death toll of civilians in the affected territories, the fighting generated unprecedented numbers of refugees and incubated terrorist groups that inspired or organized attacks on targets abroad. In democratic countries, these stresses led to populist, often bigoted reactions as well as new security measures, both of which threaten the core values of an open society.

Anticipating popular unrest, dictators redoubled political repression at home and lashed out at perceived foreign enemies. However, in several important countries, elections offered a peaceful way out of failed policies and mismanagement. Voters in places including Nigeria, Venezuela, and Myanmar rejected incumbents and gave new leaders or parliaments an opportunity to tackle corruption, economic decay, and corrosive security problems.

These fresh starts suggest that democratic systems may ultimately prove more resilient than their brittle authoritarian counterparts.

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Democracies in Distress Whatever the underlying strength of their institutions, leading democracies betrayed a worrying lack of self-confidence and conviction during With its bewildering interplay of regional powers, proxy forces, jihadist groups, and urgent humanitarian priorities, Syria represents the most complex challenge to peace and stability in years, and thus far the leaders of the free world have fallen short even as fundamental democratic principles come under threat in their own countries.

The impact has been powerfully felt in Europe. The surge of asylum seekers from Syria and other conflict zones in provoked a confused and often ugly debate among the member states of the European Union EU. Such hostility grew especially acute after coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic State militant group killed people in Paris in November.

Other European governments maneuvered to evade responsibility, using fences with razor wire, draconian laws, and onerous financial demands to push the flow of migrants away from their borders.

By Garry Davis

The United States did not face refugee flows or terrorist attacks on the same scale as Europe, but it too is experiencing a crisis of confidence in its democratic institutions and international role.

While the American system remains dynamic and open to the participation of minorities and immigrants, its elections and legislative process have suffered from an increasingly intricate system of gerrymandering and undue interference by wealthy individuals and special interests.

With these concerns as a backdrop, the political debate over immigration and national security—at least on the right—took on an angry, anti-Muslim tone, and Islamophobic hate crimes spiked, especially after 14 people were killed in a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.

The authoritarian economic crisis Although some authoritarian rulers sought to blame their problems on meddling by democratic powers, it became clear during that larger economic forces were at work.

Wary of spending cuts, declining living standards, and the social unrest they could cause, most of these regimes cracked down on rights activists and other critics.

The government of Xi Jinping responded to the stock-market drop with aggressive interventions in the market itself, enhanced censorship and propaganda efforts, and a new crackdown on civil society. Within a hour period in July, for example, over individuals involved in public-interest legal activism were taken into custody in a nationwide sweep.

Prominent businessmen and securities traders were also rounded up, adding new risks to doing business in China. In many countries, the economic setbacks only compounded existing problems brought on by corruption or foreign policy blunders.

Russia was forced to deal with falling oil prices at a time when international sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine—plus countersanctions that hurt Russian consumers at least as much as the intended targets—had already weakened its economy and threatened its indebted state-owned companies.Dictatorship and Dictators Essay - A revolution has begun by the people in the Middle East against their long time dictators.

The domino effect began first with Tunisia then Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, and Libya. Dictators: A Threat, especially in Afghanistan - When one looks at all of the different countries out there in the world, one can see many different forms of government.

Some of these forms are more complicated than others but they all have one distinct similarity. The people of the country are free to support or oppose their government. It's true China is booming, Russia is growing more assertive, terrorism is a threat.

But if America is losing the ability to dictate to this new world, it has not lost the ability to lead. Sep 01,  · The only Syrian group working actively against Islamic State in Syria is the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces which recently took the city of Manbij from IS after a two-month siege.

This Kurdish dominated coalition is made up of the Syrian YPG and a variety of Arab minorities.. Success against the Islamic State both in Iraq and in Syria is hampered by our reliance on Iran’s Shiite axis.

Sep 22,  · Essay on Iraq; Essay on Iraq. The Start Of The Iraq War. I believe Iraq was once self sufficient because of its Dictator however a great threat to the world. Sometimes I am very puzzled how we invaded the country and changed their government from a Baathes dictatorship to a multicultural This was characterized by a successful.

Dictators a threat especially in afghanistan essay

This essay delves deeply into the origins of the Vietnam War, critiques U.S. justifications for intervention, examines the brutal conduct of the war, and discusses the .

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