Corporate social responsibility case study coca cola

Many international corporations can today rival entire nations when it comes to raising resources and influence in both India and international territories. The Act defines that companies with a net worth of Rupees crores or more, or a turnover of Rupees 1, crores or more, or earning a net profit of Rupees 5 crores or more must spend a minimum amount on corporate social responsibility. Companies, therefore, must spend in areas like literacy, women empowerment, environment, water, sanitation, child rights etc.

Corporate social responsibility case study coca cola

Corporate social responsibility case study coca cola

It will present a general outlook of the company's profile and its compliance with CSR standards. The article will focus on conflict situations concerning the social and environmental CSR practices of the four companies.

Coca-Cola was criticized for over-exploiting and polluting water resources in India. Walmart was caught using child labour in Bangladesh and has faced gender discrimination charges.

Corporate social responsibility case study coca cola

In the media reported on suicides at Foxconn, one of Apple's biggest suppliers. And although Canon did not mention any employee stress-related problems at its factories, they nevertheless occurred.

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This article will discuss the different CSR issues that emerged within the mentioned multinationals. It will provide a comparison of the companies' CSR reporting before and after the problematic events occurred. The case studies show whether the multinationals acted before a conflict emerged or adapted their CSR policy when the problem was already widely known.

Thus, it analyses whether the companies adopted clear and quantifiable policies after the issues occurred. The conclusion points out that the companies not only reported on CSR but that they also adopted long-term commitments.

The findings also suggest that the conflicts may have contributed to the adoption of these multinationals' CSR commitments. Utrecht Law Review, 8 3pp.Discover a case study of Coca Cola India in which how they turns their corporate social irresponsibility/issue into corporate social responsibility that give benefits to parties around where Coca Cola India operates their factories.

This case Coca-Cola's Corporate Social Responsibility in India focus on globalisation and increasing competition, it becomes inevitable for companies to have clearly defined business practices with a sound focus on public interest. In India, the world's largest beverage maker Coca-Cola Inc.


(Coke) was engaged in a number of community-focused CSR initiatives. In The Coca-Cola Company announced their latest corporate social responsibility (CSR) project: the EKOCENTER. Envisioned for communities lacking access to safe drinking water, the EKOCENTER kiosks contain vaccine storage, wireless communication technology, clean drinking water, and Coca-Cola products under the premise of "social enterprise." In light of the global water crisis, a textual.

2 Corporate Social Responsibility Does Not Avert the Tragedy of the Commons -- Case Study: Coca-Cola India Abstract 'Tragedy of the commons' is a powerful concept to analyze a .

Reflection about the Case Study This Corporate Social Responsibility of Coca Cola Company starts in the Christmas Celebration worldwide where they distributed their coca cola trucks in different countries to give a wonderful happiness that every people needs to achieve.

Elon University student and PRSSA President Heather Harder won the Arthur W. Page Society case study competition with her analysis of how Coca-Cola has managed its precarious position. She summarized the company’s strategy as one of corporate social responsibility.

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