Comentario texto speech to the troops

What shall we do? Where shall I find Inquisitors and Jews who can give me more? God forbid I should condemn any one wrongfully, but he came into our room twice, and he set off in the morning long before us.

Comentario texto speech to the troops

Boron was there, by invitation of the Venezuelan sponsors, at the head table for the closing ceremonies of the 18th Conference of the Sao Paulo Forum. I do not know if he was present at other Forums; I do not know if he participated at other moments in the 18th Forum.

What I do know is that his summing up is mistaken.


I begin with the specific mistakes. The Patriotic March applied for entry to the Sao Paulo Forum through an e-mail sent the same week in which the 18th Conference of the Forum was held. The rules of the Forum, rules which have permitted us to get to this point in one piece, establish that for an organization to join, a consensus of all the national parties is required, and then consensus in the Working Group and then the consensus of the Assembly of the Forum.

In spite of good will on all sides, with the application being made so late, it was not possible for all the Colombian parties to respond in time if they were in agreement with the entry of the Patriotic March.

And without the explicit and formal support of the national parties, where they exist, there is no way to approve the entry of a new organization; whoever they might be, they have to have that support. Boron says that the authorities of the Forum who might these authorities be?

And who might have denied it? I hope that Boron replies. Until then I can only say what I know and what I saw, from the position of Executive Secretary of the Forum and coordinator of several of the meetings which took place during the 18th Conference.

And what I know and what I observed is that if she had requested it, we would have given her the right to speak, as we did to several other guests. Without a doubt, Marxist erudition and appropriate behaviour are different things.

For those who are not informed: Formally, those who form part of the Forum are the Resistance Front. On this basis, as much in the case of Colombia as in the case of Honduras, Boron is at best misinformed.

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In both cases, it would be useful if he followed the same advice he offers to the Forum: My impression nevertheless, is that Boron is more concerned with pontificating than investigating.

Without taking into account that he seems somewhat discontent with the success of the Forum, for which motive he makes an effort to attribute the success of the 18th Conference to everyone except the Forum itself.

Positive, because the multitude of parties and social movements that attended the event had the opportunity to exchange opinions, compare experiences and participate in a rich and needed reciprocal learning experience. But it is simply false to say that he set out a new agenda.

The Declaration points to the fundamental political tasks for the period; without taking them on, socialism, integration and the fight against neo-liberalism would remain no more than rhetoric. In fact Boron appears to have a negative impression about the organizations which make up the Forum.

I am left simply ashamed when I see someone with such a long history as Boron, use this type of rhetorical expedient to back up his positions. If Boron were less ill-humoured with the Forum, if he had a little of the tolerance which he preaches to others, if he had asked the opinion of any of the members of the Working Group, he would have discovered that one of our central concerns consists precisely in increasing our organic quality.

The problem is that this is easy to say but very hard to do.

Comentario texto speech to the troops

I do not know what practical experience Boron has, as a leader of a political party. And further, those who talk of organization are not always the most successful in organizational terms.

The comparison between one and the other does not make the least sense, and because in the FSM parties are prohibited and groups which are in principle against the definition of political program priorities, have the hegemony.

There are other things to say, concerning the summing-up made by Boron. Let us look at what he says about Haiti, for example: It regrettably forgets to mention the coup perpetrated against Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti, in the year This is a serious failing because the forgetfulness cannot be dissociated from the unfortunate presence of troops from various Latin American countries — Brazil, Chile, Argentina, amongst others — in Haiti, when what is really lacking in this suffering country are doctors, nurses, teachers.

In these meetings at this 18th Conference, Haitian leaders participated and presented a resolution concerning the situation in Haiti, which was approved by the plenary.

It is legitimate to debate whether this resolution and the Declaration should have made reference to the overthrow of Aristide. That phrase having been spoken by Danton, proves that not all verbal radicalism is consistent.Em alternativa, você poderá utilizar o plugin "Speech Recognizer" para o Google Chrome, que utiliza o sistema de reconhecimento de voz do Google Tradutor para capturar e converter a sua voz em texto.

The Speech to the Troops at Tilbury was delivered on 9 August Old Style, 19 August New Style by Queen Elizabeth I of England to the land forces earlier assembled at Tilbury in Essex in preparation of repelling the expected invasion by the Spanish Armada.

When you use a browser, like Chrome, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites. In Chrome. The Soldier is a sonnet in which Brooke glorifies England during the First World War.

He speaks in the guise of an English soldier as he is leaving home to go to war. The poem represents the patriotic ideals that characterized pre-war England.


It portrays death for one’s country as a noble end and England as the noblest country for which to die. Topic pages aggregate useful news, archival information, photos, graphics, audio and video published on the topic in The New York Times. His categorical speech convinced everyone, including Justinian himself, who had been preparing his things to flee.

As a result, Justinian ordered his loyal troops, led by two officers, Belisario and Mundus, to attack the protesters at the racecourse.

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