Bergers essay

In this book, Berger has made the reader see art in a different dimension. He argues that our position of the universe is really dissimilar with the manner it really is. He uses images and non words in first chapters to seek to do readers see themselves in a different dimension.

Bergers essay

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There are many barriers to overcome when viewing a piece of art correctly. To understand a piece of art is to understand everything about it and the artist who created it.


He expresses his views on the perception of images, and how easy it is to read a piece of art falsely. He brings up ideas like mystification, the affects of Bergers essay, and much more. One of the many barriers to overcome is the perspective of the person doing the viewing Bergers essay the image.

Everyone has different views and different outlooks on life. This is true especially when two of the most controversial issues, religion and politics are intertwined in art. A prime example of this would be a picture of the crucification of Jesus Christ; to people with the Christian belief this painting would have a much more substantial value than to those who are of the Jewish or Buddhist belief.

To overcome this obstacle a person must put aside their beliefs and view all things with an open mind. It is very easy to make an assumption about a piece of art and be false.

Bergers essay

To understand a painting fully is to understand the era in which it was created, and what the painter was feeling when he painted it. To overcome this a person must research the artist and the time period to which the painting was created before making any assumptions to what the painting means.

Mystification of the past also causes many problems in viewing a painting correctly. An example of mystification is god and religion. A person of the religious faith just believes in god and does not try to examine his existence. Someone that tries to analyze god would be mystifying the past.

In creating photocopies of original art work; these pieces of art are being mystified. It is possible to have the same feelings, as a person would view the originals; one of the mistakes people is taking these art works and only copying certain parts of the artwork and ruining the original meaning of the piece of art.

To over come this obstacle the spectator must view the piece of art in its entirety. The painting looks like a beach with birds. Someone who views this painting could make the assumption of it being a beach or a nice place.

The painting then takes on a completely different feel. A person would then see the painting as something sad and possibly a bit crazy.

Hiroshima by John Berger and Rhetoric Essay Topics The beginning of the book goes into the issue of how people now look at art versus how people in the past look at art and how reproduction has effected this. The relationship between social status and the subjects of oil painting, particularly the female nude is discussed as well.
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To even make an assumption like that would be false. To truly understand this painting a spectator would have to know when Van Gogh died, and when the painting was created.

To overcome this one must understand the past of the artist and the history of the painting. Reproductions do not give the same feeling as the original. One positive thing reproductions bring is art to other classes than just to the rich class. In earlier times before the invention of the camera, and before reproduction the only people who were able to view these pieces of art were the rich with modern technology, however, the average working class can have reproductions by Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, and Botticelli.

By saying this Berger is also expressing a fine example of the way reproductions mystify the past. When viewing a piece of artwork one should keep in mind all these things. To understand art is to overcome the obstacles in viewing art.

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A person must put aside all their beliefs, understand the history of the art work, understand the history of the artist, must not be mystified of the past, and use the language and images of art as tools in understanding what the artist is trying to say.Berger's work "Ways of Seeing" is a page book including an eight page list of reproductions.

The work has seven untitled but numbered chapters called essays in the authors' "Notes to the reader". There is no table of contents that lists titles, numbers, or topics of the seven sections.

Write my Essay | I need help with my School Assignment. Answer 4 questions about “Ways of Seeing” By John Berger Academic Essay. Answer 4 questions about “Ways of Seeing” By John Berger.

Order Description Ways of Seeing by John Berger COLLAPSE In this thread answer the following questions: 1. Berger claims that, “the . In an essay on Matthias Grünewald’s “Isenheim Altarpiece” (–16), Berger writes: It is a commonplace that the significance of a work of art changes as it survives.

Peter Berger’s The Sacred Canopy utilizes a version of social constructivism as the foundational framework of its accordance with his previous work, The Social Construction of Reality, Berger’s version of social constructivism states that human knowledge is explainable in social terms since it is causally determined by various .

39 quotes from Ways of Seeing: ‘You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting “Vanit.

Reviews and Discussion John Berger as Critic A Review Essay by Mark Roskill University of Massachusetts and David Carrier Carnegie-Mellon University.

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