Are concealed weapons good or bad

They became engaged in conversation with a customer who was waxing eloquent on the virtues of this or that weapon in the gun case. Eventually he allowed as the. Tom told him that it was indeed possible to hide a.

Are concealed weapons good or bad

Non-residents of NYC may transit the city with a rifle or shotgun without a permit, provided the weapon is unloaded and the person leaves the city within 24 hours.

Security guards and business people who regularly carry valuables may be issued a Restricted Business Carry License which is valid only while conducting the business specifically as it was described, in great detail, on the application for the license.

NYC premises-only licenses are the licenses issued to average citizens who cannot show a need for self-defense greater than any another average citizen. They are clearly marked: Most licenses issued in NYC are for on-premises possession only, for self-defense within the home or business.

Transporting the handgun to and from a target range is permitted, but the firearm must be unloaded and in a locked container directly to and from a range within city limits. Traveling through NYC with a license issued from another jurisdiction within the state must be done in accordance to law locked box, in vehicle's trunk, no unnecessary stops.

A high-profile example of the penalties associated with New York's restrictive gun laws is the 2-year prison sentence served by former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burressafter pleading guilty to a charge of Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, stemming from his accidentally shooting himself in the leg at an NYC nightclub with a concealed handgun, at which he did not have a valid NYC concealed carry permit.

At the time of the accidental shooting, Burress had a Florida concealed carry license, which is not valid in New York. NYC's firearms policies require that special permission must be obtained from City Hall for military members to carry weapons while performing their official duties within the city limits.

For example, in Novemberthen-mayor Michael Bloomberg denied a request by the New York National Guard for its members to carry service weapons to help maintain order in devastated parts of the city in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandycalling the presence of armed service members in Brooklyn "a bad idea," and further stating, "The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.

Hospitals or clinics that fail to comply with this requirement face fines and other penalties. Rifles and shotguns, antique handguns[ edit ] Prior to January 15,rifles deemed assault-style did not have to be registered in any jurisdiction within New York except for NYC.

The deadline to register these weapons was on or before January 14, NYC requires registration and has additional restrictions such as they cannot take a detachable magazine having a capacity greater than five rounds. For example, licensed carry of a handgun on one's person allows the handgun to be fully loaded, including within an automobile, while visiting a place of business or while crossing a public road while hunting.

A rifle or shotgun cannot be kept loaded in any of the above circumstances except for a self-defense emergency.

Are concealed weapons good or bad

Non-resident travel throughout the state[ edit ] State law provides restricted exceptions for interstate transportation of firearms by non-residents. Non-residents may transport any lawful firearm through the state to any place outside of it where an individual may lawfully possess and carry such firearm.

The firearm must be unloaded while in transit within the state. The firearm and any ammunition for it must not be easily accessible by anyone in the vehicle's driver or passenger area. For example, the gun and ammunition must be kept in the storage area of the vehicle, such as a car's "trunk.

This means that under the Firearm Owners Protection Act FOPAall people traveling through the state with firearms are protected by federal law, however they must have their firearms unloaded and locked in a hard case where they are not readily accessible e.

New York requires anyone who buys a gun at a gun show to pass a background check. Youths between ages 14 and 21 may shoot a handgun at a range only if they are under the supervision of a military officer or licensed professional, have not been convicted of a felony, and do not seem to be a danger to themselves or others.

Youths between 12 and 15 may only possess to load or fire an firearm when supervised by an adult with specific qualifications. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to possess a firearm with the intention to load or fire it.

New York's ban is one of the most restrictive in the country. Cross registration of handguns: Some counties limit who can register a handgun on their license, with some allowing cross registration of a handgun from any other licensee, to licensed family members only, to no handgun can be cross registered.

State law does not address this issue. Sharing use of a handgun not listed on your license is only allowed at a certified range with the licensed handgun owner present. NYC, for example, limits the color of all guns and bans all BB guns, paintball guns and pellet guns.

However this restriction carries no weight of law and penalties for violating such are administrative in nature and not criminal.

Are concealed weapons good or bad

The Right to self-defense is a "central component" of the 2d Amendment, see, McDonald v. City of Chicago SC The Right to "keep and bear arms" is both a "fundamental" and "individual right" and no State may abrogate these rights nor infringe upon them.Guns on campus would lead to an escalation in violent crime.

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Guns on campus would lead to an increased number of suicides by college students. Guns on . Your source for concealed carry training, news, products, and updates for today's American Gun Owner.

CCW Podcast, Classes, and Laws, and online store. Insofar as concealed carry is concerned, you may as well give up while the getting is good. New Jersey does not, in practice, issue licenses to carry a firearm to your average citizen.

Thankfully, criminals don’t have to worry about that because laws don’t apply to bad .

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Concealed carry is one way that people can keep protection, in the form of a firearm on their person at all times. I have frequently written about the merits of concealed carry and even the best way to carry concealed in my opinion for those who so choose.

For the law-abiding citizen, carrying concealed is one way to provide defensive capabilities to yourself should you end up in a bad.

Aug 01,  · Watch video · Concealed carry on campus is a bad idea: James Alan Fox. Texas law takes effect on 50th anniversary of massacre that . Jun 10,  · A federal appeals court ruled that California may restrict permits for concealed carry firearms, requiring applicants to show 'good cause' for their weapon.

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