An overview of the novel the birthmark by nathaniel hawthorne

He asks her if she ever thought of having it removed.

An overview of the novel the birthmark by nathaniel hawthorne

One evening, Georgiana recalls to Aylmer that the night before, he had a dream that he tried to cut the birthmark out of her cheek, but it receded into her heart until he would have to cut it out of that vital organ. Aylmer agrees, eager to join his love of science to his love of Georgiana and to test his scientific abilities.

The next day, Aylmer brings Georgiana to his laboratory, where she immediately faints. He is a rough, strong man who does the physical work of the lab.

Georgiana wakes and is dazzled by the ethereal beauty of the room that Aylmer has prepared for her. He demonstrates gorgeous scientific wonders for her, but some of them fail and only make their subjects ugly. She realizes that her husband has fallen short of many of the discoveries he hoped to accomplish.

However, this only makes her admire him even more for aiming at such lofty goals.

An overview of the novel the birthmark by nathaniel hawthorne

She enters the inner room of the laboratory and sees Aylmer and Aminadab working anxiously. Back in the outer room, Aylmer pours a liquid onto a diseased plant, which immediately becomes healthy again.

He then has Georgiana drink the liquid. She falls asleep, and Aylmer keeps watch over her, at one point kissing the birthmark.

Birthmark :Novel Summary: Summary | Novelguide He had left his laboratory to the care of an assistant, cleared his fine countenance from the furnace smoke, washed the stain of acids from his fingers, and persuaded a beautiful woman to become his wife.
SparkNotes: The Birthmark: Plot Overview It speaks of issues that are not just skin-deep. Penlighten Staff Last Updated:
Plot Summary and Analysis of Rappaccini’s Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne - Page 4 Hawthorne added the "w" to his name after he graduated from college. Following the death of Captain Hathorne inNathaniel, his mother, and his two sisters were forced to move in with Mrs.
Nathaniel Hawthorne : An Overview of the Author and Thematic Analysis of Works Plot summary[ edit ] Aylmer is a brilliant and recognized scientist and philosopher who has dropped his focus from his career and experiments to marry the beautiful Georgiana who is physically perfect except for a small red birthmark in the shape of a hand on her cheek.

Soon the mark begins to disappear, and Aylmer is overjoyed. Georgiana wakes and, pitying Aylmer, tells him that she is dying. While Aminadab laughs, Georgiana dies, for with the disappearance of her only flaw and mark of mortality, she has become too perfect to remain on the earthly plane.

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Sep 18,  · Nathaniel Hawthorne (born Nathaniel Hathorne; July 4, – May 19, ) was an American novelist, Dark Romantic, and short story writer. He was born in . Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter has been adapted countless times for stage and film. The most current, well-known film version of the novel, which was released in and starred Demi.

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"The Birthmark," published in March of in a literary journal called The Pioneer, is one of Hawthorne's more famous short stories. It tells the story of a scientist who is obsessed with the removal of his wife's birthmark, believing it a sign of her human imperfection. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Published in , “The Birthmark” is a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne that examines the foolishness of striving for perfection.

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