An introduction to the issue of substance abuse

Mental and substance use disorders can have a powerful effect on the health of individuals, their families, and their communities.

An introduction to the issue of substance abuse

Abuse occurs when people mistreat or misuse other people, showing no concern for their integrity or innate worth as individuals, and in a manner that degrades their well-being.

Abusers frequently are interested in controlling their victims. They use abusive behaviors to manipulate their victims into submission or compliance with their will.

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Physical and sexual abuse greatly exacerbate the risk of substance use disorders. Abuse has particularly far-reaching effects when it occurs during childhood. Please learn more about treatment here. Types of Abuse Verbal: They may verbally abuse them by calling them names, tell them they are stupid, have no worth or will not amount to anything on their own.

They may become physically violent, inflicting pain, bruises, broken bones and other physical wounds visible and hidden both. They may rape or sexually assault their victims. Alternatively they may neglect dependent victims, disavowing any responsibilities they may have towards those victims, and causing damage through lack of action rather than through a harmful, manipulative action itself.

Abuse is a commonplace event in modern times, taking on many different forms, including physical, sexual, emotional, and verbal abuse, occurring in many different contexts, including the home domestic violence, spouse rape, incestthe workplace sexual harassmentand in institutional elder abuse, bullying and religious and community hate crime settings.

It touches victims across the lifespan from children through elders. Abuse is a serious social and cultural problem affecting everyone whether as a victim of abuse, a perpetrator, a friend or confidant of an abused person looking for ways to be helpful, or simply as someone who is angered by injustice and wants to work for positive change.

If you are currently being abused, or have been abused in the past, you should know that you do not suffer alone. Right now millions of people around the world struggle to maintain dignity, safety and self-worth in the face of ongoing abuse.

Millions more people struggle to recover from wounds they have sustained during past abuse. You should also know that help is available for victims of abuse, although it is not always easy to access.

Community abuse resources such as domestic violence sheltersmental health professionals, law enforcement, and various other organizations, websites and printed resources can provide instruction and assistance for people who need help removing themselves from abusive situations. Victims of abuse often find themselves dealing with serious psychological and physical consequences of having been abused.

While no therapy is capable of erasing the effects of abuse, such resources can provide real and meaningful assistance in helping to minimize the negative effects of abuse. Helpful abuse-related resources can be found throughout this document, in the appendix of abuse-related resources provided at the end of this document, and in the lists of other non-document resources collected within this abuse topic center.

They may know that they have been harmed, but they may think that they deserved that harm, for instance, or perhaps think instead that some degree of harm is acceptable or reasonable, or just inevitable.

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If you are upset enough to wonder about it, it is likely although not definite that you have been abused. Abuse Defined Pick a Rehab.An Introduction to Bipolar Disorder and Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders Bipolar disorder is a serious, chronic mental Summer , Volume 15, Issue 2 3 Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons With Co-Occurring Disorders.

Drug Addiction Essay Examples. 63 total results. A Review of the Movie Trainspotting. words. An Introduction to the Issue of the Childhood Psychological Disorders Associated with Drug Use.

words. An Introduction to the Substance Abuse and Dependence on . Drug Abuse Introduction  SUBSTANCE ABUSE Substance abuse otherwise known to many as drug abuse is the recurrent us of a substance referred to as a drug whereby the user consumes the substance in quantities or methods neither approved nor advised by the To further understand the issue of substance abuse.

This special issue examines major structural, sociocultural, and behavioral issues surrounding substance use and misuse among US military personnel and veterans who served in recent military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. This introduction provides a brief historical review of the US’s.

An introduction to the issue of substance abuse

When an adolescent requires substance abuse treatment, follow-up care and recovery support (e.g., mutual-help groups like step programs) may be important for helping teens stay off drugs and improving their quality of life.

- Introduction According to the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and the transtheoretical model of change, “for most people with substance abuse problems, recurrence of substance use is the rule not the exception” (Enhancing Motivation for Change, , p.


Introduction to The Special Issue on The Behavior Analysis and Treatment of Drug Addiction