An essay on basic marketing

Example Essays Marketing plan A marketing plan is a detailed, researched and written report that a business uses in order to outline the actions that should be taken to customers and clients and measures taken to persuade them to purchase the product. It communicates to the customers on the value of goods and services. Marketing personnel evaluate the results marketing decisions made in previous years and the market in which a business operates in order to make the right decisions.

An essay on basic marketing

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Basic Marketing There are at least three reasons why some customers are not satisfied with the products of certain firms and why micromarketing on the part of a production-oriented company that is inefficient can cost too much. One is that a firm focusing on micromarketing faces the challenge of producing a wide variety of goods or services to a large number of specific and small markets.

If such company is inefficient and focuses mostly on production, it will be unable to produce quality goods and services.

An essay on basic marketing

Another reason is that a firm that faces the challenge of producing more goods than what it initially believes it can produce requires more of the raw materials it needs in order to meet that higher target.

If the company is inefficient in producing such quantity and quality of goods, it is highly likely that the goods produced will lack the basic quality standards. In order to compensate for the inefficiency in the production of such goods, the firm will be most likely forced to reproduce or repair some of its finished products, increasing expenses in the end.

Lastly, customers are not satisfied with certain firms that are inefficient in the micromarketing field because such firms lack the ability to focus on the various goods and services that they offer due to multiple markets.

Technology impacts marketing environment including the opportunities, challenges and ethical issues that technology possesses. Technology greatly enhances the opportunities for firms because modern tools enable these companies to produce more and target a wider range of clients across geographical boundaries.

The use of computers and efficient machines can also increase the efficiency of companies in the production of quality goods in larger quantities.


The internet can also be a stronghold of these firms in advertising their products. Technology also creates certain challenges for these companies, challenges such as harnessing the technology and using it to its fullest potential. Other challenges include competing with other companies using the same technological strategies in the same market and keeping updated with the recent marketing technologies.

Lastly, technology also raises certain ethical issues such as the issue of whether it is morally sound for certain firms to replace human labor with machineries. Moreover, technology also raises the ethical issue of whether it is morally fitting for firms to produce goods out of the technology available that can potentially bring harm to the buying public and to its competitors just to gain large profits.Marketing Mix is one of the most fundamental concepts in marketing management.

For attracting consumers and for sales promotion, every manufacturer has to concentrate on four basic elements/components. These are: product, pricing, distributive channels (place) and sales promotion techniques. The marketing plan should be a comprehensible, succinct, and well thought out document that serves as a guide through the marketing program.

It should focus on the objective of the marketing and the intent to carry out that objective. Basic Quantitative Analysis for Marketing Words | 13 Pages Basic Quantitative Analysis for Marketing Simple calculations often help in making quality marketing decisions.

We are the #1 maker of cell phones in the world and we are also aiming for the top of the nascent mobile Internet market. Our products are divided primarily between three divisions: devices (handheld device manufacturing); services and software (consumer Internet services and products); and markets (supply chains, sales channels, and marketing).

Basic Marketing.

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Marketing According to the American Heritage Dictionary, marketing defined is the act or process of buying and selling in a market, but what are some of the strategies that successful corporations use to gain an advantage over their competition?Basic Marketing.

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