An analysis of conflict and corruption in a man for all seasons

In the play More is the only character with such a sense of integrity. More replies that it amazes him too that no one else opposes the injustice going on. All the others, including good people, yield to pressure and let their edges be blurred by society or necessity. A man of integrity can be a problem for others, as Chapuys, the Spanish ambassador, says when he is unable to persuade More to support Spain:

The main character and hero of the story is Sir Thomas More who is a dedicated Catholic. A portrait of Sir Thomas More King Henry soon realizes that his Queen will not be able to provide him with an heir to his throne and therefore orders Cardinal Wolsey, the head of the English church, to organize a divorce.

When the divorce is not allowed by the Pope, Wolsey falls from power and More takes his place. Thomas Cromwell, who is the villain of the story and an assistant to the King, then proposes that the King start his own church and therefore be able to divorce the Queen.

This is done and the Church of England is formed with the King as the leader. Thomas More is very much against the divorce because it is against Catholic law and he will not sign the document to agree to the new church.

He is consequently imprisoned and, after a trial in which Cromwell convicts him, executed.

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If a person were to deny these principles within themselves then life would become valueless and they would become like Richard Rich, bending to influence and taking the easy road of life.

Robert Bolt would expect people to feel more strongly about these principles and to stand up for them as a result of seeing or reading A Man For All Seasons.

He is the opposite to Sir Thomas More who is the hero of the story and represents the good side. Cromwell is also very unscrupulous and ambitious in A Man For All Seasons and is much more concerned with getting to higher places in the kingdom than with any moral principles.

During A Man for all Seasons, Cromwell was portrayed as a man who seemed to be much more concerned with his earthly life and the things of value on earth rather than in heaven.

An analysis of conflict and corruption in a man for all seasons

He never let religion or morals get in the way of his ambitions and as a result rose to high places in England but also fell quickly with his execution. In contrast, Thomas More did the opposite yet still was successful and this shows that achieving success is also possible through honesty and Godliness.

An alienation technique is a method used in plays to link the actors closer to their audience by communicating directly with them. In traditional dramas only narrators or occasionally different characters in the play talk to the audience; the Common Man is similar to a narrator except that he plays a part in the play and represents "that which is common to us all".

As a result of this technique, the audience is given a different view from the Common Man throughout A Man For All Seasons and these different views help to provoke a reaction from the audience and make the viewer feel more strongly about the events as they happen.

Henry approached the head of the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, to allow him a divorce. The Pope, in fear of Spain who opposed the divorce, could not allow this. King Henry became angry and one of his ministers, Thomas Cromwell, proposed that he break from the Roman Catholic Church and begin his own with the King as the head and thus allowing him to have a divorce.

Anyone who opposed the break from the Church was executed.

An analysis of conflict and corruption in a man for all seasons

The Historical Sir Thomas More Sir Thomas More was one of the few people of those times who was in a high position and was also a very moral and scrupulous person.

More acted very much on his conscience and would refuse to do anything that he believed to be wrong. King Henry VIII soon recognized him as a very moral and honest man and More served Henry frequently on diplomatic missions and was knighted in The King had the power to declare wars and he also appointed the Cardinal, who was the head of the Church in England, and Chancellor, who advised the King.

At this time, Henry was married to Catherine who was from the royal family in Spain and so had formed an alliance with Spain. Spain, however, kept an eye on England by using Signor Chapuys as a spy. The church seemed more interested in getting money and power than in teaching people about God and Jesus Christ and the spiritual aspect of church.

As a result there were many wrong practices going on in the church. The sole purposes of these wrong practices were to gain money and power for the church. As a result many churchmen, such as Wolsey, became very rich and powerful.The definition of actual grace is based on the idea of grace in general, which, in Biblical, classical, and modern language, admits of a fourfold meaning.

In the first place, subjectively, grace signifies good will, benevolence; then, objectively, it designates every favour which proceeds from this.

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When a character previously positioned as a Big Bad is revealed in fact to be either the flunky, puppet, or spokesman for a higher authority. Note that gender of either is not relevant, so this trope could include The Woman behind The Man, The Woman behind the Woman, or The Man behind The Woman.

Author's Note This book is intended for three classes of readers; one, the many for whom the mysterious, marvellous and miraculous of life hold interest and appeal; two, the searchers after spiritual light who have not yet found what they seek.

Essay on Corruption in the Play “a Man for All Seasons” Words | 7 Pages. Corruption in the play “A Man For All Seasons” The main plot in the play “A Man For All Seasons” by Robert Bolt is corruption, more specifically political corruption.

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