Air traffic services

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Air traffic services

Brisbane Centre is responsible for the airspace from 45 nm 83km north of Sydney, up to the airspace boundaries with Indonesia and Papua New Guineain the north, and east to the airspace boundaries with New Zealand and Fiji.

Air traffic services

Brisbane Centre also manages the upper level airspace for the Pacific Island nations of the Solomon Islands and Nauru under contracts with the governments of both nations. Brisbane Centre has a strong focus on international air traffic, since all international flights to Australia from North or South America travel through Brisbane airspace, as do a significant share of flights to Australia from Asia.

For example, the Oceanic airspace off the east coast of Australia is managed from Brisbane Centre, so aircraft flying from Sydney to Auckland NZ or from Tasmania to New Zealand travel through Brisbane airspace for a significant portion of their journey.

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The transition to Brisbane Centre began inwith the centre in full operation by January The centre is directly responsible for en route services throughout the FIR. The first air traffic control operations commenced in Melbourne Centre in November By 31 Januarythe transition to full operations was complete.

The map below shows the Australian flight information region FIR.All air traffic services units shall be supplied with up-to-date information on existing and forecast meteorological conditions as necessary for the performance of their respective functions. A controlled flight shall be under the control of only one air traffic control unit at any given time.

An ATS route is a designated route for channeling the flow of traffic as necessary for the provision of air traffic services.


This include jet routes, area navigation routes (RNAV), and arrival and departure route. Air Traffic Service Providers.


NBAA has positioned full time employees to work in partnership with the FAA's Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC). This partnership has led to the development of a new subscription-based Member service.

Members can either be direct subscribers to the NBAA Air Traffic Services (ATS) or alternatively may benefit from the ATS by subscribing to various services offered by NBAA. AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES 1.

Air traffic services

Introduction As for any other form of transportation, there is an inherent need to provide certain services to air traffic so that it can be conducted in a safe and orderly manner. Air Traffic Service (ATS) can form the basis for establishing the day-to-day requirement of the service.

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MIG Twin engine, single seater air superiority fighter aircraft of Russian origin capable of attaining max. speed of km per hour (Mach). Saab and the Swedish Air Navigation Service provider (LFV) offer digital air traffic services throughout the world by the joint venture Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions.

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