A discussion on the trojan war as the fault of gods

There is also the residual uncertainty about Hellenistic dating. Bickerman, for instance, positively asserted that Seleucus reconquered Babylon "in August of " [Chronology of the Ancient World, Cornell University Press,p. Seleucus] was given a thousand men by Ptolemy and set out from Palestine to Babylonia" [Dividing the Spoils, Oxford,p.

A discussion on the trojan war as the fault of gods

Often times we find the gods not only have human actions but the flaws of mortals as well. The whole cause of the Trojan war is based around the fact that even gods can feel emotions such as jealousy anger and vengeance. It was due to the Prince of Troy choosing Aphrodite as the most beautiful goddess.

The gods also choose the men that they like and often times help them in order to change the fate of events.

A discussion on the trojan war as the fault of gods

They argue among themselves as to who they should help and how things should occur. Ah what chilling blows we suffer—thanks to our own conflicting wills— whenever we show these mortal men some kindness.

Although the gods possess great powers and are immortals they still reflect the flaws of human kind and where those flaws can take us to.

A discussion on the trojan war as the fault of gods

Often their decisions and lack of Godliness leads to more trouble, even war and death. As the statement says, they are everlasting and yet they sometimes do not demonstrate the wisdom that they possess.

However it is still interesting how Ares states that it is only a blow because after all they can never be truly harmed by mortals. His kindness is conflicting because if he helps one man, he hurts another which lead to his being injured.Some of the gods chose sides in this epic war.

Poseidon supported the Greeks. After he helped build the walls of Troy (as a punishment set upon him by Zeus), Poseidon was not given wages from the Trojan . Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity.

The Iliad—A Practical Approach

Find stories, updates and expert opinion. We know about the Trojan War primarily from the works of the poet Homer (the Iliad and the Odyssey), as well as stories told in other ancient literature, known as the Epic Cycle. Was the Trojan War really the fault of the gods?

- Give reasons for and against. Perhaps the most pivotal event in the early history of ancient Greece was the Trojan War, the most important record of which is The Iliad of Homer/5(11). Web Log - "Watching the pot come to a boil" 8-Sep World View -- Turkey fails to prevent Russia and Iran from mass slaughter in Idlib, Syria.

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