3d printing 2013 2025 technologies markets players essay

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3d printing 2013 2025 technologies markets players essay

Technologies, Markets, Players" report to their offering. Hyped as the technology to bring about a 3rd industrial revolution, 3D printing technologies were in fact invented in the late 80s since when they have seen steady, if unspectacular, growth.

After however, changes occurred which have seen the fortunes of the 3D printing world take an abrupt turn for the better.


Manufacturers of 3D printers are reporting a surge in demand and markets for 3D printing are growing rapidly across a number of application areas as new materials development open up new opportunities. The process is additive in nature, as materials are laid down only where needed, and thus results in significantly less materials wastage than traditional manufacturing techniques.

Each of the technologies is suitable for use with a different range of materials, which in turn defines the suitable applications of the printer. Originally used for the rapid production of prototypes for form and fit testing, applications are transitioning towards also functional testing of prototypes under working conditions, and further, the manufacture of final products.

Whilst 3D printing of final products is relatively slow compared to traditional manufacturing methods, new, more complex, design avenues are opened up enabling the economic production of lighter components, critical to the aerospace and automotive industries.

Applications are also emerging in the medical and dental fields, where the opportunity afforded by cheap customisation is allowing surgeons to replicate a patient's body based on MRI and CT scans in order to practice difficult invasive procedures, and medical and dental implants which are fully customised to a particular individual can be generated.

This report discusses each of the technologies and on-going technological advances in depth, and analyses both the current and future markets for 3D printing. The market structure is also detailed, and we present profiles of the major players together with insights gained from in-depth interviews with a range of companies involved in 3D printing.

We also present detailed forecasts for the future of the 3D printing market.

3d printing 2013 2025 technologies markets players essay

This report will be useful to any organisation currently considering how 3D printing might be of value to them but are unsure of the right technology to employ. It will also be of value to any organisation already familiar with 3D printing, but wish to seek either a broader overview, or a more detailed and up-to-date knowledge of the field and its development.Architects are using 3D printing to save time when putting together their scale models.

In the future there will be no limitations to their designs; the reason for this being that construction companies are now experimenting with 3D printing to build parts of buildings.

A fresh report on the state of the 3D printing industry, its associated technologies, markets and key players has claimed the industry will be worth $4 billion (£ billion, €3 billion) by Published by Research and Markets, the document has been christened 3D Printing Technologies, Markets, Players.

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The global 3D printing market was valued at $4, million in , and is projected to reach $44, million by , registering a CAGR of % from to North America is expected to account for the highest revenue in the global market throughout the forecast period (–).

Global 3D Printing Market: Overview.

3d printing 2013 2025 technologies markets players essay

3D Printing Market report provides analysis for the period – , wherein the period from to is the forecast and is the base year. The report covers all the major trends and technologies playing influential role Location: State Tower, 90 State Street, Suite , Albany, 🔥Citing and more!

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